Maximum Security Break Out: Part I (platform puzzle extreme difficulty)

sticks_and_balls - Adventure level - from Android
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They locked you deep underground because they were afraid of your power.
They built these halls around you for this very day.
The day you inevitably break out.

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  • sticks_and_balls: The three boxes can be very aggravating. The linear servo above the hole the single block falls from has a backpack attached. Grab on and jump off at the next floor!

    Keep in mind, I did say "extreme difficulty". ;)
  • sticks_and_balls: The three interactive boxes? Or are you guys just past that?
  • Alfajim: This is hard! I'm up to the same place as woodnut.
  • woodnut2: I see now but can't get the timing : )
  • woodnut2: I quit 4 times . Giving any clues yet. I get the 3 interactive boxes , but where are they used?
  • sticks_and_balls: Lol its tough... but all completely doable.. the last couple of obstacles are really all or nothing
  • Golden: I won
  • yo man: I give up!

LEVEL ID: 1337