Colorful Adventure

seong0515 - Adventure level - from Android
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Easy and simple. but I like this

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  • epijul123: Is this a copy or a newer type of my level get past?
    Cause the gameplay and placement of the checkpoints are the same.
  • seong0515: @that guy: Sure! I want it!
  • that guy2: @seong0515: ah. Clever. You know... I was thinking... what if you set up some cam targeters so that we only see 1 room/color at a time? Wait... I could use some lua to make it even better, like moving on 1 axis for the one room, or fancy slide transitions... may I?
  • seong0515: @that guy: you should find a gun
  • that guy2: How do I activate the impact sensor without a gun?
  • Westin27: Never mind
  • Westin27: How do you get past the second part
  • yo man: I gave up on the ladders.
  • JOELwindows7: Wow Duper Awesome!!!
  • ali: Comepleted it under0.000000000001 second

LEVEL ID: 13770