Airail Gun

LemonHeroman - Custom level - from Android
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Re uploading in honor of ZardOz, who helped make this baby work. I'll miss you zardOz. *sniff*

Major thanks to Zardos for helping create the firing mechanisim to automatically.

Fire with a single tap.
And holding down for continuous fire.
I put a sticky and the letter Z for your help. :)

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  • Tesla 09: ☺☺☺
  • LemonHeroman: @Golden: Maybe..
  • Golden: @LemonHeroman: you should add sound effects
  • LemonHeroman: @GlaDos: yup
  • GlaDos: Is like a futuristic gun
  • LemonHeroman: @Golden: XD pleasing to the eye, or positive.
  • Golden: Nice* and please define "define nice"
  • Golden: @LemonHeroman: it looks noce
  • LemonHeroman: @Golden: Define wow in this case..
  • Golden: Wow
  • LemonHeroman: Realisim for sure
  • zardOz2: @LemonHeroman: thats just realism!
  • LemonHeroman: The loader just went "nope. My work is done here" -Flys up and derps out with everything else-
    Thats what happened. XD
  • LemonHeroman: Heh possibly not.. XD
  • zardOz2: might not work with the loader nevermind heh
  • zardOz2: oh another trick for ya, set the gravity to +X and the bullets will keep going )
  • 12218789: I need some lemonade mmmmm
  • that guy2: Absolutely brilliant as far as aesthetics. I love it. Can I have that lemon, please?
  • Westin27: Found the lemon lol
  • zardOz2: nice, works great!

LEVEL ID: 14227