Trophy Truck (derivatives allowed)

MarkB60 - Custom level - from Android
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Here is my new trophy truck build. It has internal suspension for increased travel. Thanks to @joosuntaik for the wheels and @Sasha from Russia for help with engine sounds.

Slider is throttle
Left button is reverse
Right button is boost


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  • JOELwindows7: @MarkB60: thx
  • MarkB60: @Krazymonky: @ender099: @hp21jw: @JOELwindows7: derivatives allowed...have fun
  • Krazymonky: Can you make a download of the terrain?
  • that guy2: @napzackz: He's advertising his own crap and notifying everybody for no reason. Though I will say I'm somewhat flattered for being regarded as so popular.
  • napzackz: @that guy: hows he a failure
  • kacperTMPL: @ender099: @MarkB60: @benz15: @Hobbit: @yo man: @that guy: @JOELwindows7: @principiafreak300: my AD: :D
  • ender099: Allow derriatives
  • MarkB60: @Fatmeatball: go to the gear on the left, and then select terrain paint..hope this is what you are asking if not let me know and I'll try and help
  • Fatmeatball: @MarkB60: *ground *under Stupid autocorrect
  • MarkB60: @Fatmeatball: not quite sure what you mean
  • Fatmeatball: What category is the grand until?
  • benz15: Wow thats is a 100% soft suspension, nice dude :)
  • Hobbit: Finally, a big ass ramp! Very nice, great build.
  • MarkB60: Thanks all...been playing for a month now...hopefully I can keep improving and build something even better next time...
  • yo man: Awesome!
  • that guy2: Front page, eh? Good to see that's working again...
  • JOELwindows7: @MarkB60: (Y)
  • joosuntaik: Thank you for use my wheels!(^o^)b
  • principiafreak300: Only one word: WOW!!!
  • MarkB60: @Tetsu: thanks...your builds are awesome as well
  • MarkB60: @yo man: added boost for a little more speed
  • yo man: Make it faster!
  • Tetsu: Love it!!
  • MarkB60: @hp21jw: @JOELwindows7: I will probably eventually allow derivatives..just want to leave it posted for a little while without..but I will put a version stripped of the body up before that so you can see what's going on..thanks
  • hp21jw: @markb60 Can you allow derivitives so I can see exactly what's going on I love the build
  • hp21jw: Can you allow derivitives so I can see exactly what's going on I love the build
  • MarkB60: @TechZ: @Enyisbest: @JOELwindows7: @zardOz: Thanks
  • TechZ2124: Very nice !
  • Enyisbest: Cool like the body
  • JOELwindows7: Sweet design that noob said it Impossible. Duper Awesome!!! Allow Derivatives
  • zardOz2: well thats pretty much the sweetest body design ever, short of the batmobile;) nice work

LEVEL ID: 14749