Jerm_S - Custom level - from Windows
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Its a toy. Play with it.

On this level I wanted to maximize the viewable area, The standard control buttons and sliders felt intrusive so I hid them in the in the corners and edges. The goal was to have it be intuitive, not necessarily obvious but interesting enough to want to figure out. A toy. All feedback/suggestions are welcome.

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  • raab137: With the droid turbo 2 there is no lag on either setting, I got this phone for its processing power, just for this game, yet still some levels do lag a bit even with an 8 core processor, but I will recommend the droid turbo 2 for use with Principia, it is a lot better than most phones I have seen run Principia. I do believe it is only offered by Verizon, though I have seen it for sale unlocked, which I am assuming means available for any phone company?
  • ghavio 64: @Jerm_S: ok
  • Jerm_S: @ghavio 64: Guessing that you are on mobile, tried it with my phone and it was bad. Its the fluid that is doing it. I made adjustments for mobile that uses less fluid. It didn't help much on my phone. Let me know it it helps at all on yours.
  • ghavio 64: its so laggy
  • Jerm_S: @that guy: Click the corners and edges where the sparkles are.
  • that guy2: I have no idea how to use this thing... user manual, please?
  • JOELwindows7: Cool Ruper Awesome!

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