Ranger 2 (hyper-drive Prototype V1)

DOs TECH - Adventure level - from Android
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X=main engine
V=Hyper-drive engine on
Hyper-drive engine by that guy
Space ship by Dos TECH
Move the gear up.pilot!
Have fun!
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  • DOs TECH: @Westin27: I'm terribly sorry...
  • LemonHeroman: @that guy: true.
  • that guy2: @LemonHeroman: not quite a race since they all go the same speed (90.91 velocity, maximum in game)
  • LemonHeroman: @that guy: yes i just thought it would be a little lua thing. But now We (mostly you) have kinda made a space race
  • that guy2: I've started a space craze lol.
  • Westin27: Copied my idea

LEVEL ID: 14904