Army Truck

Breckinator - Custom level - from Windows
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Not really a truck, but somthing to blow things up. Enjoy!!!

-Controls are a little hard
- If you are stuck on ledge, press the bottom button that has no letter on it ok?
Version .2
- Added Break (Thats what I was missing!)
Version .3
- Fixed Break (Thanks to ElementalGenius98's tips) ;)
Version .4 Huge Update
-Revamped entire Wepon System
- Added rocket (more speed :P)

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  • Breckinator: @ElementalGenius98: Yup I had to go to wiki i was so confused but i'll get better as time goes on thx :)
  • ElementalGenius98: I look forward to your creations ^^ Once you've found out all the different parts functionalities you can create AWESOME stuff :) I've also started as a newbie welcome to principia ;)

LEVEL ID: 14915