Mecha 2

adinn305 - Adventure level - from Android
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just for fun... hope you like it... and please subscibe... :)

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  • Coolblocks749: Its like the mini-not that complicated verson of ARMED ROBOT L (the most popular level on principia)
  • deathonastick4: Nice subscribe
  • that guy2: @adinn305: or if you allow derivatives I can implement what I was thinking...
  • adinn305: @that guy: thank you... i appreciate that advice...
  • that guy2: @adinn305: play around with it! That's how you learn!
  • adinn305: @that guy: i don't know how to use it... hahahaha... ;p
  • that guy2: a sequencer and IF-select for the walking would be nice.
  • adinn305: @Enyisbest: Thank you... i really appreciate that... do you want this ? :) i will allow derivatives if you want...
  • Enyisbest: Simple I like what you creations I'll subscribe

LEVEL ID: 15413