commander Robo on duty

adinn305 - Adventure level - from Android
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just for fun... hope you like it... and please subscribe... :)

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  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!, cool idea and story, but hard to control
  • XeroDeath: This is cool
  • that guy2: @adinn305: you press the cogwheel button and type new numbers...
  • adinn305: @that guy: i don't know how...
  • that guy2: @adinn305: it's fine... Just kind of dissapointed you didn't change some of the variables...
  • adinn305: @that guy: Yeah... I use your hp bar... sorry for not telling you first...
  • that guy2: The mech got stuck, so I broke in without it, somehow survived the explosion wall, and found my HP bar in the rocket. the one designed for Robot wars II, to be exact. you know I made one that just accepts 0-1 input, right? Also, incorporate the 'limit' si1o1 in the prompts.
  • Coolblocks749: I accidently lowered the mech door and it crushed a guy
  • ricardito08: I just killed myself with the robot!

LEVEL ID: 15424