Lua experiments:spring(revisited)

Linux - Custom level - from Android
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Boy have the years gone bye 1.4 seemed like yesterday . thought it would be nice to improve some older levels

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  • Linux: @zardOz: I figured it out thanks to your code
  • zardOz2: @Linux: 'a' is the length of the line, so when setting the color I just set the colors at a/20 so the value would have a range from 0-1 depending on how long the distance is...(if less than 20)
  • Linux: Not mine actually ctjets
  • Linux: But how did you do that on wheel buddies (the Line between entity's adapted for my code)
  • zardOz2: Yep same
  • Linux: Sort of like your wheelie buddies 2.0
  • Linux: Sort of like your wheelie buddies 2.0
  • Linux: @zardOz: why is it purple
  • zardOz2: replace your draw_line line with this, (also will get thinner if longer)

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