Help with atan2() for sasha

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Here you go Sasha

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  • zardOz2: @Sasha from Russia: Sorry, that was a bad description... I barely understand it myself)
    It takes two points and assumes point #1 is the center point of a circle. The second point makes an arc on the edge of the circle from 0.0(right), the atan2 will return the length of that arc in radians, if you divide the radians value by (math.pi*2) it will return a number from 0-0.5 for the top of the half circle and -0 to -0.5 for the bottom half of the circle.
  • zardOz2: @Sasha from Russia: It is a special "arc tangent" calculation to get the slope of a line from two points
  • Sasha from Russia: I can't understand only one thing.
    I know, what's sin, cos, tan.... But, what's the "atan2" ???
  • Sasha from Russia: I subscribed)
  • Sasha from Russia: Thank you, ZardOz.
    You are really helped me. Now, I don't understand it on 100%, because I'm only 8 class. We don't study sin and cos like coordinates of x0 and y0 (I study it myself), but soon....

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