North Pole

woodnut2 - Adventure level - from Android
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The story of one little bots problem.
Narrators voice :
At the toy robot shop it was very quiet now after packing all the kids toys.
But one little bot has a big problem. He slept through the test today and is now he is in the repair bin . He won't go to some child this Christmas because robot repairs have stopped to work on loading the sleigh . He will have to wait a YEAR !!! to become a toy for some girl or boy . If he could find his way into the shipping room and get in a box there might just be hope for him this Christmas yet.

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  • woodnut2: @BloodStorm: allowed, but needs updated.
  • BloodStorm: Devs?
  • benz15: @woodnut: please allow derivatives
  • incrazyboyy: @pajlada it's not possible to move imteractive objects in adventures :(
  • ricardito08: @woodnut: Np
  • woodnut2: @ricardito08: Thanks man :)
  • ricardito08: BIG RISK! Completed level and I was about to DIE!
  • ricardito08: I'm a pro at adventures. Not building.
  • ricardito08: @woodnut: :D Unstoppable! Make a bit harder one. I'm almost a pro
  • woodnut2: @ricardito08: Great job :)
  • woodnut2: @RasmusOlle: know what?
  • ricardito08: Finished without dying!
  • ricardito08: @RasmusOlle: What?
  • RasmusOlle: @woodnut: i know why
  • woodnut2: @Leis: Thanks :)
  • Leis: Nice !
  • woodnut2: @zardOz: Weird ? I tried but coulden't get a repeat of your experience : )
  • woodnut2: @jammer312: I could jump to 1st layer also and skip. There are multiple paths : )
  • zardOz2: I only ask because i got stuck in the robo pile and shooting down was raising my score...
  • jammer312: Becouse you can go to third level at beginning and 'skip some obstacles
  • woodnut2: @jammer312: why? The 3rd layer is needed to complete the adventure : )
  • woodnut2: @zardOz: You lost me ,there is only level complete plugged in @ the game manager.
  • woodnut2: @yo man: Thanks , that first lift is very powerful.: )
  • jammer312: Disable third layer
  • zardOz2: Whats the score for?...I didnt finish just a high score?
  • yo man: Very nice.. I was able to finish it after dying only once!

LEVEL ID: 1620