Unofficial contest: cross the hill

electro - Custom level - from Android
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This is very similar to cross the gap but more harder than it.
You have to make a vehicle to cross the hill

1. Wheel must not larger than high of hill
2. No rocket, thruster, fan and emitters
3. No teleporting
4. Don't edit this level according to you just make a vehicle
5. Must be a VEHICLE
6. No throwing allowed
7. Must be a derivative of this level
8. Must allow derivatives

It's hard I know but it is the challenge for you!
Last date: 15/06/2015

Views: 921 Downloads: 132 Unique objects: 2 Total objects: 24


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  • electro: @Sasha from Russia: welcome
  • Sasha from Russia: Wow! Cool. Thank you!
  • blackghost: thank you guys :)
  • Chad64: Meh. Never knew it was based in real life physics. (I guess flying emitters really don't fit here hahaha) And I agree with Ahmed as well. @blackghost: 's was awesome. :D
  • Ahmad Khaled: @electro: the best won I agree with you.
    Congratulations @blackghost:
  • electro: @Chad64: during startup, that vehicle is in very theoretical angle. Think if it was real life scenario, was it possible?
  • Chad64: I think @Ahmad Khaled: deserves the "featured" or something like that. His is pretty cool.
  • electro: @Sasha from Russia: look you are second! Isn't it cool? For level
  • electro: For
  • electro: @blackghost: congrats! You are first!
  • electro: 1) blackghost
    2) Sasha from Russia
  • electro: @BobMonkeypimp: @blackghost: @Ahmad Khaled: @that guy: @HerokidsRS: @Coolblocks749: @Chad64: @tradis248: @Sasha from Russia: @PBHarper: here are winners!
  • HerokidsRS: @electro: its already 16th...
  • Coolblocks749: @electro: is my entry legal? (It uses an auto absorber now)
  • HerokidsRS: @Chad64:He forgot about the gravity
  • HerokidsRS: @electro: you forgot to add one rule.*The gravity,but its too late XD*
  • electro: @Chad64: so are you entering in this contest?
  • electro: @Chad64: lolol yes its spacially for you lol
  • Chad64: Rules:
    2."no rocket, thrusters, fans or *emitters*.
    Me:HAHAHAHA lmao
  • that guy2: OH OH OH OH OH!! does *every* part of the vehicle have to get over? I got an idea...
  • electro: @Ahmad Khaled: kk
  • Ahmad Khaled: @electro: I think I will take time as I have exams these days.
  • blackghost: @electro: my vehicle is ready
  • electro: @blackghost: sure
  • blackghost: @electro: you are right . then i will think about new idea
  • electro: @blackghost: you can't edit the track then how will you use it?
  • blackghost: @electro: can i use my hook ? lol
  • electro: @BobMonkeypimp: okk, waiting for it
  • BobMonkeypimp: @electro: Nice! I'll submit an entry sometime soon.
  • electro: @Ahmad Khaled: @ricardito08: @Coolblocks749: @HerokidsRS: @BobMonkeypimp: @Aceheliflyer: @Linux: @tardis248: @THE LORD OF DARK: @Chad64: @that guy:

LEVEL ID: 16204