Unofficial contest: cross the hill {The Gravitron Car}

HerokidsRS - Custom level - from Android
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This is very similar to cross the gap but more harder than it.
You have to make a vehicle to cross the hill

1. Wheel must not larger than high of hill
2. No rocket, thruster, fan and emitters
3. No teleporting
4. Don't edit this level according to you just make a vehicle
5. Must be a VEHICLE
6. No throwing allowed
7. Must be a derivative of this level
8. Must allow derivatives

It's hard I know but it is the challenge for you!
Last date: 15/06/2015
My entry using gravity power

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  • HerokidsRS: @Coolblocks749: heheh
  • Chad64: Hahahaha lol
  • Coolblocks749: Invalid: "....... WAIT THIS IS VALID???????
  • HerokidsRS: At the end this thing fly like crazy fly

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