Speed GUN

master2 - Custom level - from Android
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  • Demon666: nice! lol
  • master2: @The_Blacksmith_: hello )
  • The_Blacksmith_: @master: здравствуйте! (that's all I know in Russian, sorry. Lol)
  • master2: @Sasha from Russia: l from Russia :-)
  • master2: @Egorik: Не к 1 мотору а к 9 :-)
  • Egorik: Как иы так много проводов подсоеденил к одному мотору?
  • Sasha from Russia: Wow! You change the linear motor on wheel! Awesome!
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!
  • that guy2: Care it I use this? I'm working on the biggest tank in the history of Principia.

LEVEL ID: 16286