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Hello guys, I am developing a new game, sort of like Principia. I loved Principia, however, it sort of fell apart after the 1.5 update. I would like to make a new game based off of Principia that would be hopefully better than principia in the end. If you wish to help with the development of this game, fill out this form:

Thank you all, and if you have any ideas, make sure to tell me.

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  • Ctjet: @Galvatron66: :) ive halted development for a bit but i ak getting back to it soon
  • Galvatron66: @Ctjet: so, is it done?
  • Ctjet: @Aceheliflyer: yeah
  • Aceheliflyer: Hopfully the voting is still open??
  • Slimeboy: Mabey you could make the game more Beginer friendly, like tutorials.
  • The_Blacksmith_: @Ctjet: cool, good luck with everything!
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: i have the basics of electronics started
  • The_Blacksmith_: @Ctjet: how's development going?
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: idk!
  • The_Blacksmith_: @Ctjet: cool! When will it be done?
  • Ctjet: @the-gamer: idk yet, subscribe to ctjet99 on YouTube so when I start making dev videos you can see it
  • the-gamer: Form submitted
  • the-gamer: @Ctjet: when it will b released
  • Linux: @Ctjet Form submitted
  • Ctjet: @Linux: I have hardly even starTed microcontrollers
  • Linux: @Ctjet: me too is it too late to add audio device capabilities with a interface cable to a micro controller
  • Ctjet: @Galvatron66: I will be notifying people when I am ready
  • Galvatron66: @Ctjet: I want to be a beta tester
  • Galvatron66: Form submitted
  • Linux: @Ctjet: I will beta test I'm very good at submitting bugs
  • Ctjet: @PeterZ: I will start videos in a few weeks, it will be paid in the beginning, however, I plan to offer a free trial to some people on this site (including beta testers)
  • PeterZ: @TechZ should give his ideas, I'm sure that he can think of something.
  • PeterZ: You should probably give the community what Bithack didn't give, like private messages, private chat rooms and dislike button it's something negative but sometimes required.
    And maybe at the start you should make it free and run on ads, like for first couple of months and then make it paid, that way you'll be able to get more attention.
  • PeterZ: How is it going? Can I sign up for beta testers?
  • electro: K that will be fine :)
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: thanks!
  • Ctjet: @electro:
    Realistic electronics: I will have timer blocks and other things for easy creations. I just think that it would be too difficult for complete beginners
    Addons: yes, I will have add on/mod support, and you could indeed make that mod
    Sensors: unity supports getting sensors, and therefore I will support it, it should be pretty easy, and scripts would be controllers. Microcontrollers could also access these values,
  • electro: also, what about android sensors integration?
    i will try hard to explain so using principia for sample.
    we have a level property 'use real gravity' in principia. what it does is it uses gyro and accelerometer of your phone to change the gravity.
    i think you got what i want to say. not in initial release, but after some updates of android releases. as pc users dont have those sensors, they can use joystick ;)

    @Demon666: what you think?
  • electro: i think including capacitors and resistors will not make it any difficult but it will help them to create many real life integrated circuits(eg. IC555). also, i can suggest transistor for more productivity and remember you said 'it will support plugins' so, making a plugin for advance electronics is sounds a good idea, isnt it?
  • Chad64: @Ctjet: Then I shall wait like Gandalf.
  • Demon666: fans that push objects around as well as themselves, shapeable materials like principias plastic polygon but with the option to make it wood or metal aswell
  • Demon666: id also suggest adding things like wings and propellers with realistic aerodynamics lol.
  • Ctjet: @electro: lua corrected to lua, I may use lua
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: I already know what logisim is :)
    That was what I was planning on doing, a popup that allows editing. I will only do logic gates though, no analog in the chips. It will not include capacitors, resistors, etc because that could complicate it too much for people.
  • Ctjet: @electro: I am already using c#, plus I believe it to be an easier language. I may still use our though
  • Ctjet: @Chad64: yes, in later editions
  • Demon666: in my opinion is you should have a single object "circuit" and when you click on that object you get a popup to edit the circuit inside it. similar to a luascript object in principia has a popup windows where you can write code. you can give the option customize the number inputs and outputs the circuits has.
  • Demon666: but for the love of god dont make circuit objects actual world objects like principia does. it works fine with small circuits but when you want to make something complex its hell and because the circuit is a world object it adds more lag cuz theres 100's of small objects that make it up.
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: if you plan on adding a circuit making function like principia i suggest you take a look at a real circuit making program like logisim logisim is designed to be a realistic simulation of logic gates and it has all the tools to make your own gates as well as its own premade circuits like mux demux clock flip-flops etc. if imitate logisims circuit editor then youll have an extremly realistic simulation.
  • electro: c++ also used in arduino ;)
  • electro: will you please add c++ instead of c#? c++ is more popular and also it will give one more reason to play this awesome game for many people.
    why blocks/parts list is empty?
  • Chad64: @Ctjet: does it work for Android? If not, then I'm sorry.
  • Ctjet: @Ahmad Khaled: @Demon666: @electro: @zardOz: @Sasha from Russia: @blackghost: @Chad64: @Coolblocks749: @Suicidalkittens_: @Linux: @Coolblocks749: @Bimbim11: @ricardito08: @LemonHeroman: @qwerty: @LEGOS R FUN:

    One more update, I have started working on the official parts list. These parts should all be included (not necessarily in the first release.) This is a WIP and is subject to change, please feel to comment and tell me what you want to see
  • Chad64: @RasmusOlle: Me as well! Until it broke.
  • RasmusOlle: @electro: me 2, i dont care about being limited to having it plugged in always
  • RasmusOlle: @Chad64: @electro: @blackghost: @Ctjet: Specs of my old laptop:
  • electro: @RasmusOlle: yes but I ALWAYS use it plugged in
  • Chad64: @RasmusOlle: AGREEEDD.
  • RasmusOlle: @electro: @Chad64: @blackghost: @Ctjet: i dont actually care about the battery, as long as i can use it plugged in.
  • electro: @Chad64: man, I'm using dell /*this is full expatiation*/
  • electro: @Chad64: man, I'm using dell /*this is full expatiation*/
  • Chad64: @electro: At least yours lived for 3 years and still has a 1 minute of charge lol. I think they should make laptop batteries stronger. :3
  • electro: @Chad64: @RasmusOlle: my laptop also having the battery problems like full charge in 5 minutes and discharge in 1 minute so I need to carry plug wherever I go with laptop. But mine is 3 years old
  • Chad64: @RasmusOlle: Hey we have the same kind of Laptop!! Except mine went away earlier. :(
  • blackghost: @Ctjet: good job . i think it will be nice and cool game
  • RasmusOlle: or I mean, I took the laptop from home. and the battery in it is broken, so it has to be in the charger all the time.
  • RasmusOlle: @electro: me neither. But in the meantime I'll do Text-OS, and hope that the game will work for my *cough* about 7 year *cough* old laptop, which I have at my grandpa.
  • electro: Just can't wait...
  • Demon666: k
  • Ahmad Khaled: @Ctjet: OK .
  • Ctjet: @Ahmad Khaled: @Demon666: @electro: @zardOz: @Sasha from Russia: @blackghost: @Chad64: @Coolblocks749: @Suicidalkittens_: @Linux: @Coolblocks749: @Bimbim11: @ricardito08: @LemonHeroman: @qwerty: @LEGOS R FUN:

    Hey everyone, quick update, I have basic moving of blocks, and camera movement down, I am currently working on attachment systems for the different parts. Also, I have been working on multiplayer for someone else's game so it looks like that will be in the first release/beta test as well!
  • LEGOS R FUN: Hope your idea works! I'll gladly get the software if this flies!
  • qwerty: Ok
  • Ctjet: @qwerty: in the later stages, yes
  • qwerty: Can I help
  • Ctjet: @qwerty: probably not into the later stages, I want to get the base down before other people, so I can understand and make it uniform
  • Ctjet: @Coolblocks749: I figured it out
  • qwerty: I can help you with this
  • Coolblocks749: Tip: Do NOT try to texture things in unity, if its not the right size, is stretches and stuff and really doesnt look good
  • Ctjet: @qwerty: idk, right now I am just working on scripting. Eventually I should be able to add "modding" support so people can help me make parts
  • qwerty: Do you have source code like a unity project file that we can download because I can help you with lighting and other stuff with unity
  • Ctjet: @LemonHeroman: i dont think principia is supported by sdac anymore
    @Suicidalkittens_: yes
    @qwerty: yes, and it will be either c# or lua in the game, but you wont have to interact with unity
  • qwerty: I am not to bad at the unity engine I just can't script but I am learning
  • qwerty: What 3d modeling tool do you use
  • Suicidalkittens_: Will it be on android?
  • LemonHeroman: Btw what do you mean fell apart?
  • Ctjet: @Bimbim11: No idea, however long it takes
  • ricardito08: @Ctjet: :p
  • Bimbim11: BTW, What date your gonna release the beta or alpha?
  • Bimbim11: @Ctjet: Ok. I did question you just in case. ;)
  • Ctjet: @Bimbim11: @ricardito08: I should be allowing free beta access , unfortunately, I just started development, so you would be playing nothing, sorry :p subscribe to ctjet99 on YouTube for update videos
  • ricardito08: I wanna playtest your game too.
  • Bimbim11: Can i playtest your game? Please?
  • Coolblocks749: @Ctjet: i can see that
  • Ctjet: @Coolblocks749: Graphics probably will be affected, but if I use the low poly per face colors I can still make it look good. and you will be able to build planes, cars, anything
  • Coolblocks749: @Ctjet: ya sorta. And turning principia 3D???? Wont that affect the graphics and possibly end up as a unity web player car simulator? (If youve downloaded one of those you know how the graphics are)
  • Ctjet: @Coolblocks749: oh i see, so like, sort of an MMO economy?
  • Ctjet: @Suicidalkittens_: 3d physics simulator like principia, except that principia is 2d
  • Suicidalkittens_: What kind of game will it be?
  • Coolblocks749: @Ctjet:
  • Coolblocks749: @Ctjet: Https//
  • Chad64: Wait.. Not for Android?? :O
  • Linux: @Ctjet: *features not fetuses
  • Linux: @Ctjet: use java it's more universe to build the game and it will oes not loose compatibility with multiple owes such as linux, but for in game scripting i think it should be lua but make it have sort of a screen on the side of the editor with text fetuses and file system support
  • Ctjet: @Suicidalkittens_: principia? I think Sdac stopped updating it, and this is not a replacement for principia, it is a standalone game that is different, it is more resource intensive, due to the nature of the game, so it may not work on all devices
  • Suicidalkittens_: This is like a game digging its own grave
  • Ctjet: @Coolblocks749: can you elaborate more? Unless you did it on the sheet
  • Ctjet: @Chad64: ;)
  • Coolblocks749: WE NEED ECONOMY!
  • Chad64: #ilikeurCTlogo:)
  • electro: @Demon666: and I nearly know how to do this
  • electro: @Demon666: think if you are indoor and you release a stone from altitude h, it well not slow down and will fall exactly like Principia but if you do it with a paper plane, you know what will happen so I annually don't have to use random for real effect and many more things
  • electro: @Demon666: kk I'm trying it but it will take so much time wait WAIT YAY! IT CAN BE DONE OTHER WAY!!!!
  • Demon666: @electro: after that then you can get complex and determine how much velocity each object should receive based on its dimensions and angular direction. just to be clear i find this to be impractical and i dont plan on actually working on it.. im to busy with my 2d engines and collision experiments...
  • Demon666: @electro: yeah this is just the foundation.... you can add in math.random(-1,1) to give the illusion of small changes in the velocity. and you can use mass=entity:get_mass() to specify how much resistance each object should receive.
  • electro: @Demon666: and it should different for different objects due to different surface @Ctjet: therefore using fan is connivent
  • electro: @Demon666: I mean acceleration not alteration
  • electro: @Demon666: else it will look like time Ctrl lmao
  • electro: @Demon666: but the alteration should veritable
  • Demon666: @electro: its meant to slow down an object. its basically linear damping which it what air resistance is basically.
  • Ctjet: @electro: use lua
  • electro: @Demon666: now trying with fans
  • electro: @Demon666: the code you gave is not giving air feeling (but still no lag)
  • Demon666: @electro: no query is an array... you need a loop to read threw an array
  • electro: @Demon666: can't we use query without for? Just thinking
  • electro: @Demon666: whoa!
  • Demon666: @electro: its actually really easy. just laggy on large scales.
    upb, downb, leftb, rightb= world:get_borders()
    airdensity=0.975 -- slow down factor
    objects=world:query(-leftb,-downb,rightb,upb) -- do a query with world borders
    for o=1,#objects do
    vx,vy=entity:get_velocity -- get current velocity
    entity:set_velocity(vx*airdensity,vy*airdensity) -- set new velocity with slow down factor
  • electro: @Demon666: I think I should try it it's difficult and long until we have an engine for that but if I failed to publish beta air engine in 48 hours, then it's your job lol
  • Ctjet: @that guy: I saw what you wrote, I have the camera all figured out. I will have a "ctrl+z" for undoing stuff, and I will also have gizmos, so when you select something you will be able to move it around after you let go and press again.
  • Ctjet: @electro: @Demon666: I am planning on making fluid dynamics, but they may be a PC only feature/particle based rendering. I made a level with a wing i think at one point too. I will also add wing blocks that will work. If all else fails I can make different areas with different densities, like water has a density of 1, air has a density of 0.X, mercury has a density of 15 or something.
  • Demon666: @electro: still would cause lag if it was done in lua. you'd need to do a query+set_velocity for every object in the field.
  • electro: @Demon666: will publish a level soon
  • electro: @Demon666: so what about air resistance?
  • Demon666: @electro: actual air particles would cause to much lag.. air resistance formulas are the better option.
  • electro: @Demon666: so what about air in Principia?
  • Ctjet: @Sasha from Russia: probably 1/2 of a year
  • Ctjet: @Sasha from Russia: it is not official, although I may be able to get bithack involved.
  • Ctjet: @blackghost: @Sasha from Russia: I have a Google form where I am organizing ideas.
  • blackghost: in this new game maybe you can add missles , fire ,water , good ropes , hemp ropes , hooks , reel , meccano parts , grappling hook , metal chains , magnets , tank tracks , tank projectiles , gunpowder , threaded steel wires , dust , soil , sand .
  • Sasha from Russia: If you will create 3D, it's will be Great!
  • Sasha from Russia: And, please, tell me, how much time do you want to work with it.
  • Sasha from Russia: I can't understand, it will be a new official game like principia?
  • Sasha from Russia: How old are you???
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: :p I plan to add mod support too
  • Demon666: now im just going off my own effects codes lmao
  • Demon666: and lasers
  • Demon666: and lava and acid lol
  • Demon666: and water.
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: like, particle effects, survival mode stuff, etc?
  • Demon666: fire that spreads and lightning that creates fire
  • Demon666: fire and lightning would be nice lol
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: OK!
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: :p
  • Demon666: i just wanna be able to import and manipulate images without a ton of coding involved lol
  • zardOz2: @Ctjet: the more stuff like that you integrate the better the player participation will be
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: @Demon666: Would you like sprite sheet support to be integrated into the game and or a sprite sheet/image maker?
  • electro: Like arduino
  • electro: But c++ is more basic, easy and popular than c#
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: actually, that is just the unity web player, unity 5 (which I have) has support for WebGL, which is a fully javascript engine, which means you don't need a plugin, so it will always work. I thought this out man ;)
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: unity is losing support for chrome and eventually firefox. you should make sure that you pick a language that wont be obsolete in a few years lol. i remember i learned actionscript 3 and then html5 came out a few years later lmao.
  • zardOz2: @Ctjet: I would recommend it, give us a fun learning platform)
  • electro: And I filled form
  • electro: Waiting for beta release
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: @Demon666: Would it be terrible if I made my scripting object use c# instead of lua?
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: I am probably going to use unity engine for quick development and multiplatform games. I may switch to C++ at some point though, I just don't know the language.
  • Demon666: just wondering.... what programming language are you planning to use?
  • Ahmad Khaled: @Ctjet: OK
  • Ctjet: @Ahmad Khaled: I should be posting updates to my youtube channel, ctjet99
  • Ahmad Khaled: I think it would be good if you create a water environment.
  • Ahmad Khaled: I think it's a very good idea
    Please inform us when it's finished.

LEVEL ID: 16292