Coolblocks749 - Adventure level - from Android
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Its a Boat. THAT CAN FLY!
5 Likes=Derivarives
Bottom RC:
V-Vertical Thrust
C-Hyperdrive (DO NOT PRESS)

Left RC:
Z-Window control
X-Stability Control
G/F-Tilt Left/Right
Credit to that guy for the hyperdrive

Views: 1240 Downloads: 529 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 204

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  • Coolblocks749: @that guy: You already know what that does
  • Coolblocks749: @that guy: @walton101: @Atomic Cyclone: DERIVATIVES ALLOWED
  • walton101: Haha I pressed C and the boat imploded
  • Atomic Cyclone: 3 likesâ˜ș
  • that guy2: *presses C*

LEVEL ID: 16307