Cars Race Without Battery (24 sub special) V1.1

ricardito08 - Custom level - from Android
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Thanks for 24 subscribers! Here is a little something I knocked together from another level, the death race. Each car has 10 health and the color of their health bar is dependent on the car color.

Credits to main creator of the level for the cars.
Credits to zardOz for his number counter.
Credits to that guy for the health bar.

Thanks again for 24 subs! Next special at 32 subs! You guys give me tons of support and it makes me even better. (Fun fact: My self proclaimed rank when you see my profile ranks up for more subs and my skills! My goal is to get to the rank "Master")

Derivaties allowed for 2 months.

V 1.1: Cars have different healths mow, blue with the most and orange with the least.

Views: 2048 Downloads: 870 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 1288


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