Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device V2.9 BETA

that guy2 - Adventure level - from Windows
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The screenshot will be messed up. I guarantee it.

Standard adventure controls to move
F to hold objects
left click to shoot blue
right click to shoot orange (which also fires the arm cannon, sorry.)
horizontal slider to move left/right
vertical slider works like layer switch buttons; tap top or bottom to go up or down.
dial to aim
F for blue, G for orange
H to hold objects
W to jump
S for boxmode
For some reason, flings will not work unless the robot is in boxmode.

check to see if entire portal is on valid wall
test elements that go through portals (lasers, lightbridges, etc.)

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  • nikitosikasjik: хуета
  • Gordon 3man: Cool
  • TheEnderPT3: @that guy: very nice work! Im thinking of coming back to principia at the oment :)
  • Coolblocks749: @Chad64: "Let them eat cake!" "THE CAKE IS A LIE"
  • Chad64: I'm pretty sure Portal™ hates the French Revolution.
  • klizma: like
  • that guy2: @ElementalGenius98: The original Portal didn't have one, but unwanted portals are much more annoying in a 2d environment. However, I have reached the widget limit on the RC monstro.
  • ElementalGenius98: @that guy: oh an we need a button wich "destroys" or portals Idk properly if there was a button like this in portal but I played a mario portal mixup wich had one and i think its very useful :)
  • Demon666: it is possible to do it with just one... you just have to be really careful lol
  • that guy2: @ElementalGenius98: The issue with that is that is that if you lose the cube or whatever, it will be clearly out of holding range, but because of the crappy way I designed it, the next time you go near a holdable object it will come flying towards you without warning.
    @Demon666: The surface calculation only uses 3, the one in the middle for main point positioning, 1 shot from slightly above, and one shot from slightly below. I first had it without the bottom one, but it was notably glitchier. The only other raycasts are for seeing what's in the portals.
  • ElementalGenius98: @that guy: please make the H Button for touch toggleable because in the real portal you just have to push this button once too :) Btw great remake ^^
  • Demon666: you can acheve the same result with just two or three. you dont need a shitload of raycasts lol
  • that guy2: Woo, screenshot!
    @Coolblocks749: here it is, multi layer support.
    @Demon666: I got my own surfaceAngle working; it uses multiple raycasts in the same direction from different points and compares the angle between their hits.

LEVEL ID: 16496