Tron trails - Lua stock

ricardito08 - Custom level - from Android
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A slightly modified version of the Tron trails from Micro Racers, configured to be callable, reusable and adaptable.

Give me a mention if you use it - just export with multi-select!

Something I made

Tron trails credit to wokstation.

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  • ricardito08: @wokstation: I get it... Im still experimenting. This is just a starting point.
  • wokstation22: @ricardito08: so what have you done with it to help your Lua learning? I can't see any real changes to the code. Play with it, learn what the chunks of code do by changing them. *Break* them.

    Discovery requires experimentation.
  • ricardito08: @zardOz: Gah. Thanks for reminding me.
  • zardOz2: @ricardito08: they are saying its as good as stealing if you dont change the screenshot, give credit to wokstation and use your own text... all you did was move a few things around
  • that guy2:
  • ricardito08: @Chad64: ...?
  • Chad64: Ohh yea mm something you made ammm mm
  • ricardito08: @wokstation:

LEVEL ID: 16565