Classic car 20 (Military radar)

Sasha from Russia - Custom level - from Windows
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Yes! THE 20th CAR! "Iron Twelve" !
Because of the second jubilee, I have created the Best car in my project (I think, in principia ever too).

1. Super millitary style
2. 4x4
3. Modern Lua Weapons: (Speed Gun with giroscope; mini cannon and RADAR WITH HOMING SYSTEM)
4. Awesomeness sound effects.

Homing system and radar work fastly, effectively and without any little bugs.

Radar can search the target on any big or small distanse and calculate this distanse!
Radar get a raycast and move it to the right until the target detecting. If the target was detected, raycast returns to the previous position and the process repeats. The last step - push the button to activate the Homing sistem. Missile shots the target with 100% chance.
That's all easy!

Note: Homing Missile can destroy moving targets too (with 100% chance), but I don't show it in my level.

Post likes and comments, please! The 20th car...

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  • MARRA92: not iron twenty?
  • Egorik: У меня*
  • Egorik: Ты серьезно уменя 3-5 FPS
  • Sasha from Russia: For Cjet
  • Sasha from Russia: My record 68. Use your brain!
  • Winfrid9: Sweet!
  • Jebediah: Awesome. Can you please accept edit to we can save this level?
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!
    Allow Derivatives!!!
    Addicting game
  • Chad64: You should do a collab with @Tetsu:.

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