"Music box" - own

Sasha from Russia - Custom level - from Windows
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More things, more fantazy, more garmony, MORE!!!

My own old music theme "Music box".

Post likes and comments, please!

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  • BobMonkeypimp: That was excellent!
  • leo3065: Awesome song. One advice: use length function (#) with tables so no error will happened at the end of the song.
  • Sasha from Russia: Thanks, guys!
  • GlaDos: Can you allow derivates?
  • GlaDos: Nice song!!
  • Breckinator: Awesome. Nice song!
  • THE LORD OF DARK: Шидевр.
  • hubblebrine: Awesome !! That was awesome sasha ! My respect
  • zardOz2: fantastic! great work Sasha
  • HEKPOH: Потрясающе! Приятно осозновать, что не все русские фигнёй здесь страдают

LEVEL ID: 16987