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electro - Custom level - from Android
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Hello friends,
I am doing some work for getting rid of overheating of phones. Please fill this form if you are also suffering from overheating. I will shortly publish that thing on indiegogo (and maybe on kickstarter) for funding as I am thinking about production.

So please fill this form if you want to see the change!

also, this is not a blank level. this level is funny enough to west some seconds ;)

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  • electro: @BloodStorm: thanks a lot :)
  • BloodStorm: Im going to visit him soon, when me and my family go ill talk to him about getting this on kickstarter
  • electro: @BloodStorm: can you ask him a little?
  • BloodStorm: I dont really know....he lives 3-4 hours away, my family is busy alot, and he doesnt talk much, especially about work.
  • electro: @BloodStorm: OMG!!
  • BloodStorm: No kidding my uncle Mathew works at kickstarter in stillwater
  • electro: @BloodStorm: wait
    You must be kidding
    Or is it real? Because this thing I'm making is really stuck because of lack of money :(
  • BloodStorm: My uncle works at kickstarter
  • electro: @RasmusOlle: yes, started making fund for first working model to show sponsors
  • RasmusOlle: Has this gone anywhere?
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Philix creations: My PC works better than my Galaxy S5 but with Principia I've noticed RAM is more important than processor speed overall.
  • Philix creations: LOL am I the only one who's PC works fine with this?
  • Golden: @electro: yep
  • electro: @Golden: sure c++ written apps overheat phone and c++ is only for Principia like game
  • Golden: Plus it mainly came from apps that have lot of code like principia
  • Golden: @electro: overheating sometimes come from batteries like my old moto x phone gets hot like I can roast a egg on back of moto x :P
  • electro: @principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: @BobMonkeypimp: @ElementalGenius98:
    This is how:
    Suppose the newspaper role is vacuum cleaner's air sticking pipe and this is how you should hold it for ultimate cooling! (The vacuum cleaner should turn on XD)
  • electro: @principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: @BobMonkeypimp: @ElementalGenius98: for super fast cooling at critical condition, get a vacuum cleaner and hold it close to the fan of laptop. I don't know why it works so fast but it is really a fast method!
  • electro: @principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: @BobMonkeypimp: @ElementalGenius98: never put your laptop on bed. Always put it on floor or table or on any hard surface. Also, put laptop on something to maintain one centimeter distance between laptop and the surface for better air flow.
    I use a couple of pens for it but you can use anything like a screw drivers or anything.
    Here is how i do it:
  • ElementalGenius98: @BobMonkeypimp: @principiafreak300: @RasmusOlle: My Asus does this too Overheating and the non customisability of laptops are the most common problems :l I never owned one of this "gamer laptops" but i think in gerneral they're just made for office work and not for playing crysis 3 on max details lol
  • BobMonkeypimp: @RasmusOlle: Have you tried putting it in balanced mode rather than hi-performance in the power settings?
  • RasmusOlle: my laptop overheats tho, dad and I have tried like 20 things, but nothing works
  • principiafreak300: @electro: Thanks, but the laptop doesn't crash or something. It's just hot at the fan.
  • electro: @principiafreak300: do you need some easy ideas to reduce its heating?
  • principiafreak300: Laptop
  • electro: @principiafreak300: you are using laptop or PC?
  • principiafreak300: I've got a Nexus 5, overheating is a common problem...
    My computer is so hot when I 'm playing Minecraft AND watching YouTube.
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: XD
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: I hope many other people share our opinion about samsungs new "strategies" and they will soon stop doing this bull****. A few months ago I promised to buy myself the note 5 but now when I heard all those things like "glass back cover" and "non removable battery"... Sry but i don't want to bite the witchs toxicated apple xD

    lol snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs parallelism :D
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: sure the only useful thing from Apple is their iPads. For now, i will prefer oneplus two or xiaomi mi5 instead of note 5. I think Samsung is going in the line of apple by making expensive phones with serious low performance. The galaxy gear vr and note 3,4 are plus point from Samsung but as always, too high prices...
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: Talking about apple... Im very sad what samsung sone to the s6... Even the new note 5 will follow apples designs... such a waste :/ Im not sure to buy the new note 5 or a new note 3 again :D because I HATE apples ideas of making expensive phones with good design but shitty technology -.- but the problem is... people already buy their crap -.-
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: explosions are not rare for Android and apple users!
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: Yeah I even heard of an exploded s3 a few years ago when i used to have one too :o
    mostly 3rd party batteries get bulky :o

    Some things i did noticed too as you said with the touch sensitivity thats very annoying because you can't use your phone at that point -.-

    Hmm if your "cooling case" comes with an extra battery to increase capacity too maybe this win win gadget is something I will buy ;) Because I need a new battery anyway @.@
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: for many mid and low range phones, overheating reduce their touch sensitivity and sd card read, write performance. Also, it drains battery faster than cool phones (did you saw bulkier batteries of some phones? If your battery becomes bulkier than it is a worst case caused by overheating). And as far as i really tested on iPad and some Android phones, overhearing significantly reduce gaming performance for large games. I have a huge list of overheating disadvantages, if you need more facts about it, i can tell you ;)
  • electro: @Aceheliflyer: yeah
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: so cooling the Phone improves it's performance and saves battery capacity? But if The processor gets hot because it's overstrained the only benefit will be a more cooler phone and a longer living processor what is a good thing :o
    But It's sound a little bit paradox to me that this will increase the overall performance and battery capacity too :o This could only work if our processors have an temperature chip which will decrase the performance drastically if its get too hot.... hmm.... I just speculate because I don't have any facts :D

    Maybe you could convince me :D
  • Aceheliflyer: @electro: that's a large list...
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: sure keeping phone cool reduces most of the lag!
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: I've own mine over a year i think :o it mostly overheats when I play too laggy principia levels. But sometimes even when I play such silly simple things like clash of clans jetpack joyride or tap titans :o

    but i have to say my whole hdd 35 gb is about 8/10 full and my 15 gb sd card too :D No wonder that it does "weird things" I've also thought about a hardresest and a new accu pack in hope it just works like it was new again :s
  • benz15: @electro: oh, k keep fill the form :)
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: cool! I am using a note 3 for its testing!
  • electro: @WXWMC: thanks whatever i am making is also interesting!
  • WXWMC: @electro: I finished the form/list,quite interesting.
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: Yes
  • electro: Good night friends
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: note 3?
  • electro: @sjoerd1999: ok, thanks. I am working on a project to keep our phones (or tabs) cool and prevent thrm from overheating. So o have to do some research on is it a really huge problem? What atr reasions behind it and other things. I will start a fundresing campaign after few months for it. Again, thanks for giving your time :)
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: Yes :)
  • sjoerd19992: Done. Glad I could help out. What is it for?
    Btw, I picked my ipad since I don't use my phone oft.
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: Did you filled form?
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: How bout overall improvement of the Accumulator too? I think overheating and bad capacity are the main problems with smartphones today :)
  • electro: @ElementalGenius98: thanks, i will make a fundressing campaign later for it and at that time, i will have a first revision of project to show you. Untill that time, i am saying that it is all about stop phone overheating!!!
  • ElementalGenius98: @electro: If this earns me a free water cooler then you're a hero :D Hope I could help you ;)
  • electro: @benz15: to fill a form (link in description)
  • benz15: @electro: y, you call me right ?
  • benz15: @electro: ehem ?
  • electro: @Chad64: *evel
  • electro: @Chad64: nice idea! Have you played this l3vel?
  • Chad64: Oh, that should be your logo entry on the contest. Very cool :D
  • Coolblocks749: @Demon666: NOW THAT IS A LIST SIR.
  • electro: just fill this form, it takes a too little time
  • electro: sdac: @Cralant: @JOELwindows7: @AzoteX: @Alfajim: @pajlada: @TechZ: @Maxi44: @The_Blacksmith_: @TheLevelMaster: @davetheguy: @Leis: @yo man: @woodnut: @mznznlt: @mrsimb: @Ronan: @Exxwarrior: @stattis: @imAman: @Rubin0103: @x32g: @Hobbit: @heathm33: @electro: @lonelydarksider: @Rubicon: @Creed1000: @TeaC: @crazykid67034: @roboz: @Mbrine12: @Big Al: @RAY5D: @Sir Yakk: @Lcskiller: @mike1234: @Todd Lee: @The Ohio One: @moonpig234: @cliffhanger3: @AgentCW4: @ErikS270102: @Broceliande: @FirePhenixFire: @anarki2004: @sjoerd1999: @RikI 96: @squidkiller123: @Wkmz: @burning_potato: @Architecter: @rich11292000: @Amit the great: @jasnsathome: @flog22: @greenaman3000: @principia fan: @Grave_Jumper: @Blood: @spyninja242001: @ShakzDar: @Sapyros: @WXWMC: @Winfrid9: @Aceheliflyer: @ricardito08: @Danish18aiman: @dislexicboy: @jetboy007: @PeterZ: @BRONCO-94: @beast378: @Ctjet: @GH7: @scrozyoviss: @Mattdogking: @MrLoLFace27rus: @009den009: @rom1k: @Saritone: @archangel: @Cheddah: @TheEnderPT: @pradeep kumar: @dhruv thakur: @aidanmf21: @BobMonkeypimp: @cswong235: @Charlest360: @dwbh: @SkinnyCrazyBoy: @podolianyn: @wokstation: @Windows 98 fan: @Toasteroven: @Space_rus: @ElementalGenius98: @LEGOS R FUN: @Technomancer: @TboltBeardie: @ATOMIC: @andrew: @biweevil: @Mart456: @that guy: @Philix creations: @khang 4: @iron_pon: @puhC69: @gerleimarci: @spaceship1880: @Terrag_the_Terrible: @Golden: @kronik129: @rutkayMIMAR: @Meric09: @Nova: @benz15: @Pusheen The Cat: @tanuj: @Mazz1224: @BUILDBOSS: @spyguy31796: @Builderman: @Cepet100: @android: @ygtadk99: @saikishoret99: @krum555: @Timvdlinde: @venex: @Demon666: @rillir: @Johnsinna: @teslos909: @baka: @abdussamad: @capm28: @sixthsoul: @leo3065: @xFacebookx: @Gold2eagle: @Quantum20055: @trion129: @rilesrowe: @wizz6rd: @principiafreak300: @terrarianmaster209: @Crazybob2k: @5iver: @Jason: @jeff: @leoboone: @I am cool: @bahman: @ali: @xzayal: @bondodonkey: @camachi98: @op596978: @robojoe: @Thomas00m: @Alan2001: @harry60406: @Scream_of_Shadow: @jfab199: @Lonely_Wolf: @cookobb: @isaacho: @awesomeps: @chunwing91: @joejoeseph: @LemonHeroman: @8o7wer: @VoroNGame: @rastall: @venusnoobtrap: @MarkB60: @zardOz: @daql: @Coolblocks749: @Rzaew: @cisco: @Tetsu: @deathonastick4: @Superlink456: @Linux: @bestbattle: @alx37: @adinn305: @Ahmad Khaled: @PBHarper: @SHRMAN8TR: @Negzo: @ExplodingAnger: @frozenblaze1290: @cxz33: @eucalyptus: @Sasha from Russia: @iamfritch: @polskiwilku: @Creeperok123: @Shots243: @Schnabelborg: @Krazymonky: @Wertyk3232: @Antos: @dannyz_kingdomz: @alfonso_cj: @toni15538: @Luke Miller: @walton101: @Chad64: @Breckinator: @HEKPOH: @eLm023: @aplapl

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