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zardOz2 - Custom level - from Windows
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Not sure what the obsession is with the non-use of transmitters... but here ya go.

--original request
I need a circuit without transmitters.
The circuit must be similar to switch but with 7 outputs and 1 input.
Change of output only in one direction with a button and reset with the same button when the last output is activated and I push the button.
And no use lua.

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  • Wertyk3232: This level is very good, thank you... Rest in peace...
  • nayncat123: I love how it looks when it balances like that
  • The Ohio One: Well, at least his las level was him helping the community
  • GlaDos: @harry60406: yes
  • harry60406: @GlaDos: its sad that he passed away he was a nice clever man
  • GlaDos: Thanks to you for this level, now I know do this type of circuit. THANKS FOR EVERITHING AND REST IN PEACE

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