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BedrockStar - Adventure level - from Windows
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*Lava lake
*Old Walley

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  • BedrockStar: @Golden: Minus is not done yet /:
  • BedrockStar: Total objects: 31084 :O
  • BedrockStar: *Or your sink will clogged*
  • BedrockStar: *The time is like sea. One day you will Sink*
  • BedrockStar: @qwertyah: ?
  • The Ohio One: Where is the area in the image?
  • qwertyah: Аllоw diwiгаtiес Ñ€lееееееееаse
  • Golden: Plus why can't you allow derivatives...
  • BedrockStar: onion is good
  • BedrockStar: *Time is gold but I do not count the time because I'm a master of masters*
  • BedrockStar: @Golden: @Chad64: @Coolblocks749: whence the idea of these quotations ()
  • Golden: I hate time tbh, time wants to mock me and use all my time of waiting quickly that feels like 5 minutes but it is 1 hour
  • Chad64: @BedrockStar: @Golden: *made friends with time and space*
  • Golden: ..., soap soup filled with oil?
  • BedrockStar: @Golden: @Chad64: @Coolblocks749: *the key to success is - soap soup*
  • Golden: @Chad64: nah I have a best idea *grabs nuclear missile tank* OK I'm ready
  • Chad64: @Coolblocks749: *grabs nearest screen door and knife*
  • Coolblocks749: @Chad64: get your weapons.... they came.

LEVEL ID: 17236