TEST: suspension system

benz15 - Custom level - from Android
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UPDATE: added roof and some garbages robots, lol :)
UPDATE 2: added more obstacle course to make it more fun
added more dummies and fluid in the obstacle course.
Replaces the wood materials with plastic beam.

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  • benz15: @RasmusOlle: alright thanks :)
  • RasmusOlle: Don't.
    It still sucks.
    but if you want to, there's a list of Lua tutorials here: http://wiki.principiagame.com/wiki/Category:Lua
  • benz15: @RasmusOlle: :(, basicly i was thinking what is golden making a level which says R.I.P zardoz and i was thinking it was a joke but, after go to the level it self i see comments and zardoz already gone, how do i learn lua without him? That is question that still on my mind.
  • RasmusOlle: @benz15: He died
  • benz15: @RasmusOlle: dude what happend to zardoz? I finnaly back here after years.
  • RasmusOlle: Mhm soon
  • benz15: @Galvatron66: and i will remove the "compact" soon
  • benz15: @Galvatron66: just because its system of suspension is compact unlike just only suspension
  • Galvatron66: @benz15: why is it "compact" when it is the largest suspension ever built?
  • benz15: @SpeedyZap: ok
  • benz15: @BobMonkeypimp: yea
  • BobMonkeypimp: Hello! Good to see you back!
  • SpeedyZap: ok?.....
  • benz15: @SpeedyZap: yep, so this is my compact car ;)
  • SpeedyZap: cool
  • benz15: Drop a like if you enjoy
  • benz15: @kacperTMPL: thanks
  • kacperTMPL: awensome
  • benz15: WORKED!!!

LEVEL ID: 17342