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electro - Custom level - from Android
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Not too complicated and not thinking about winning. Just an entry :)
Not sure if the dummy will ride it again out not
Objective: I want a machine that can go through a pond and up a steep hill.
1. Machine cannot hover or fly.
2. Machine should start at the left side, reaching the green platforms.
3. Must be submitted before September 2015.
4. Must have the dummy ride the machine.
5. Title should be changed to machine name.
Creativity: 5pts
Appearance: 5pts
Dummy not broken: 10pts
Total: 20pts
Last contest winner was HEKPOH, because he made a giant Nelson Pixelart.

Views: 467 Downloads: 124 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 142

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  • Chad64: @electro: 3+4+10+3=20. I don't want to be a test drive dummy.
    Why 3? Umm. I think I've said this somewhere already. It's just tracks. xD
    Why 4? Good looking tracks, that is. ^^^
    Why 10? Why 3? Just read the description.
  • electro: @tardis248: yes
  • tardis248: Wait can we change the size of the room?

LEVEL ID: 17483