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electro - Custom level - from Android
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I made this machine for winning the contest. Play this level and then tell me if this is not creative. Also, don't tell me like 'it is so simple anyone can make it' if anyone can make it, why no one made before me?
Likes and suggestions are always welcome!
Objective: I want a machine that can go through a pond and up a steep hill.
1. Machine cannot hover or fly.
2. Machine should start at the left side, reaching the green platforms.
3. Must be submitted before September 2015.
4. Must have the dummy ride the machine.
5. Title should be changed to machine name.
6. No changing gravity.
7. Nothing can be left in a breadboard/platform. Whole machine must pass.
8. You can't change the course.
9. You can't use Lua for moving.
(except teleportation. I wanna see a tardis.)
Creativity: 5pts
Appearance: 5pts
Dummy not broken: 10pts
No RC/automated: 3pts
Total: 23pts
Last contest winner was HEKPOH, because he made a giant Nelson Pixelart.

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  • BloodStorm: This is an amazing amphibious vehicle!!!!
  • StojC: I still think pushing up = flying ;-)
  • electro: @Chad64: np
  • Chad64: I'm sorry, but I suck at explaining. :)
  • Chad64: @electro: nonono, it's about how I did it. We're in the same level on design. Not that you copied me :3
  • electro: @Chad64: wait, your truck is black and white and mine is coloured as fire
  • Chad64: @electro: no. Not "that" design. It's how i colored the truck itself :D
  • electro: @Rzaew: thanks
  • electro: @Chad64: k thanks but mine doesn't flip at end like conveyor (hope I spelled it correct) truck
  • Rzaew: @electro: Nice design.
  • Chad64: mmm.. I think it's just the same as the last one. :3 with colors fixed
    4+4+10+3= 21/23!! The design is just like how I did in the conveyor truck soo.. Same score :D
  • electro: @Chad64: colours updated
  • electro: @Rzaew: fixed it!
  • electro: @Rzaew: strange. Will look at it
  • Chad64: Care to fix the coloring before I score?
  • Rzaew: @electro: I tried many times, everytime he brokes at least one leg or one arm.(or head!)
  • electro: @Rzaew: and for previous entries, dummy gets too much internal pain while crossing the pond and on upstairs. For this level, dummy can sleep comfortably until end (little hurts when it collides to wall at end but very fine until last platform which is the end of level)
  • electro: @Rzaew: it's due to dynamic nature of Principia that you can't get the same output whenever you run something physics based(specially mechanical things) which is actually a good thing. It may possible that head and leg is broken for you, but try it again! I bet, dummy will in one piece!
  • electro: @StojC: we are allowed to use rockets/thrusters but only not for flying or hovering. Similarly, I'm using fan for pushing it. Still not getting it? Ask me, I will happy to give you a proof!
  • StojC: In my opinion, when your creation goes up the steep hill, it flies, because a fan makes it go up.
    And flying is against the rules. Sorry.
  • Rzaew: @electro: Dummy is comfortable?Really? His leg and his head is broken!(or arm!)
  • electro: @Chad64: here Is mine
    Actually swims or floats over pond
    New design, not regular one
    Top border not extended
    Dummy is very comfortable now
    Not slow
    What else you need?

LEVEL ID: 17513