Principia Clicker (0.6)

Aceheliflyer - Custom level - from Windows
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What is Principia Clicker you may ask? Well, it's a recreation of the game cookie clicker inside Principia.
(See the Cookie Clicker game here:

Interactive Clicking: Added
Upgrades/Shop: 75% Done (Allowing other items to be bought.)
Help: (Not yet added)
Tutorial: (Not yet added)
Achivments: (Not yet added)
Secret: (Not yet added)

Update info:
0.1: Release
0.2: Interactive Clicking added.
0.3: Bug fix.
0.4: Shop/store update.
0.5: Now with working money!
0.6: Mini update, added the info for each item.
0.7: Comming soon!
Please report any bugs to me!

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  • Aceheliflyer: XD
  • Aceheliflyer: That also reminds me... I think i'll finish this unfinished project.
  • Aceheliflyer: @Linux: But sure, I'll open it! :D
  • Aceheliflyer: @Linux: Unless you are after making it better... I stopped because there was so much wiring in my verson copy that it got to the point that it was so tiring... (Stupid me being lazy.)
  • Aceheliflyer: @Linux: Er... But it's not finished.
  • Linux: @Aceheliflyer: add derative
  • Aceheliflyer: @ElementalGenius98: I can't?
  • ElementalGenius98: @Aceheliflyer: ADD SAVE STATE FUNCTION
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: That's because I was working to make the shop work then I'll copy and paste the shop to the other items... So the other items are coming soon.
  • Chad64: @Aceheliflyer: I can't buy the lua thing (hehe)
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: @JOELwindows7: Tiny update added! (That took me along time to do! I'll give you a hint: Lua)
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: ???
  • Chad64: @Aceheliflyer: wait. I said it wrong. Yes it is impossible to fix max score. And I read your comment again and u were talking about the scoreboard. Wtf
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: What way is it?
  • Chad64: @Aceheliflyer: Yep. And since we can't stop max score from ending the game, it's nearly impossible. But there is one way, which is so tiring to the brain to try and connect it.
  • Aceheliflyer: @JOELwindows7: @Chad64: That electro was supposed to create which I haven't heard anything yet so...
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: @JOELwindows7: Thanks, I'm still waiting on the proper lua shop. Because principia doesn't have an item for testing the score board. ;-(
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!! A cookie clicker!
  • Chad64: @Aceheliflyer: Awesome! Nice shop interface!
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: update!
  • Chad64: @Aceheliflyer: Can't wait
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: Next update coming really, really soon!
  • Aceheliflyer: @Chad64: I will and soon.
  • Chad64: Would like to see more! And add sounds! :3

LEVEL ID: 17590