My Entry For Masters Of Flight

Da_Magic - Custom level - from Android
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Your goal is to build FLYABLE plane .

1. Your creation must be flyable
2. Creation must be derivative of this level
3. Don't use Lua ( just pure engineering ;) )
4. Creations : generally you can build everything from Cessna or Wright Flyer to Raptors , Spaceships or Flying Cars BUT ONCE AGAIN YOUR CREATION MUST BE FLYABLE AND FULLY CONTROLLABLE
5. You can build your own planes as well
6. Your creation could be custom or adventure
7. No gravity edits
8. Deadline is 1st October 2015
9. 1competitor = 1 plane

Winner will receive 5 likes on his levels
2nd will receive 3 likes
3rd receive 1 like

If you build real-life plane maquette counts the realism (and ,,flyability";)
If you build your own plane counts creativity (and ,,flyability" too) ;)

Let me know if I forgot about something

I Hope I Win

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