Flappy Bird from mlp

Machinima lp - Custom level - from Android
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Its a flappy fird level;) hope you like it;)
New update: can win

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  • TheBossMan: Also update it so you could change the description fird into bird if you want a correct description
  • TheBossMan: "Flappy bird"
  • TheBossMan: This flapping bird has really big lips
  • Chad64: @Coolblocks749: mmm... F*** lua. This can be done without it. :3
  • Coolblocks749: @Chad64: its been made alot. WITH LUAAAA
  • Chad64: Now I'm eager to make flappybird in principia.
  • Machinima lp: @the-gamer: i used the tiltmeter to stabilize it
  • the-gamer: @Machinima lp: and what about stablizer
  • Machinima lp: @the-gamer: ok
  • the-gamer: @Machinima lp: add sound manager and hide thrusters sound
  • Machinima lp: @Chad64: its to hard when you die... but i hope you like it;)
  • Chad64: Drunk Fappybird with a mod that never makes you die.

LEVEL ID: 18314