Balance game (updated for PC, see more below)

LauttaSam - Custom level - from Android
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This is a balance game, where you can either play solo or challenge your friend! In Two-player mode you can now choose between keyboard or touchscreen.

Play with your friends or family!

I reworked the game, see information below!

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[OLD VERSION] Changelog
- added scoring to single player gamemode
- added fireworks when red or blue wins in two players game.
- in two players game rc controls will disappear when the winner logo come up.
- added crappy design to single player gamemode.
- finally, score sumbitting!
- design changes...
- controls will fade also in singleplayer gamemode when the game is over.
-found a big mistake in two players gamemode; there was no wall on the middle so for ex. Red player's ball can fly to blue side that causes red's winning. It's now fixed.

So, what changed?
The biggest change is that you can now play duel on PC. That is allowed by letting you choose between keyboard or touchscreen.
Also, there are some little design and interface improvements.

Changelog (after the rework):
- Added ability to restart the level also by pressing return, space or screen (instead of only by pressing p or esc) after the end screen (winning congratulation) NOTE: there is an one second countdown before you can continue
- fixed a critical bug which allowed you to tilt the tiltboard in the PC mode before even starting the match
- continue from the start screen by pressing screen or space
- improved singleplayer, no longer has very different beginnings
- added 'back' button to the mode selection screen

FULL SUPPORT FOR PC (also touchscreen)
- simple and intuitive controls; move around with only keyboard!
- nice interface and UI animations
- beautiful design (depends on your opinion)
- more fun!

( the UI may not be so logical for someone's taste, but it took me a lot of time so I hope you appreciate my work :) )
PC controls:
- Start screen:
____- continue: Space, Return or Mouse click
____- gamemode menu: Up, Down and Return
____- platform menu: Left, Right, Return and Escape

In game (solo):
- Z and Mouse

In game (duel):
- Blue player:
____- tilt left: A
____- tilt right: D
- Red player:
____- tilt left: left button
____- tilt right: right button

Hope this game will not be forgotten :))

I do not understand why your scores does disappear when I update... how should I do it without it happening?

I copied your high scores and pasted it here, but it disappeared during the update progress :O

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Top 10 Players

1. builder123
2. Golden
3. Banget
4. BrentEbarle5C
5. gemaine
6. HXCTCreations
7. Johnsinna
8. szon123
9. valkabos123
10. wikdaw

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  • szon123: Oh yea 22
  • Banget: MY M.DESTA SET SCORE IS 53
  • builder123: @Golden: I wasting my life , look at my score
  • builder123: @Golden: i will reach 1000 if u want 😁 :D i found a trick
  • Golden: @builder123: but I'll let you win lol
  • Golden: @builder123: i can beat your score...
  • builder123: @Golden: dont be mad , look at my score :D
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: I neither xd
  • Golden: Great, I'm just done doing it again lol, I don't want to waste my time lol
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: lol pretty tactical move
  • Golden: @LauttaSam: I have no fly..., I have no single twitch. I little cheated on it, I made the board almost flat, it was tilting to fall slowly, sparing me time to relax my fingers lol
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: nice score dude! You were lucky for not being annoyed by a fly :D
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Golden: You have the balance of a god!
  • Golden: Yall score is now annihilated by me :D
  • LauttaSam: @BobMonkeypimp: Thanks!!
  • LauttaSam: @BloodStorm: aaah, that's bad :c or is it only an excuse? ;D
  • BobMonkeypimp: This is great! I like the 2 player mode too!
  • BloodStorm: A stupid fly landed ln my arm and messed me up D:
    Now my score is 76 and not 100
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: they really should do something for this
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: sorry :((((( your score disckinappeared again as well as others... Principia pls
  • LauttaSam: @Golden: lol xD thanks :)))
  • Golden: @LauttaSam: but, I need some grease on my fingers, it was creaking xD, dis is nice!
  • Golden: @LauttaSam: your score has been annihilated by me ;)
  • LauttaSam: Umm... where did the high scores list disappear? I have allowed highscore submissions..
  • LauttaSam: @Chad64: oh, yes, I have to learn to use them all :)
  • Chad64: @LauttaSam: no, i meant it like check/test them out sometimes. :]
  • LauttaSam: @Chad64: So what I have to change in the settings? I am not very experienced yet...
  • Chad64: @LauttaSam: Check out all the level settings, they help a lot to builds.
  • LauttaSam: Oh, then I don't know what was wrong but great if it works now :)
  • principiafreak300: Now it works!
  • principiafreak300: @LauttaSam: No, I mean if I start the game, i see only a grey screen
  • LauttaSam: Oh, thanks. Isn't grey ok? I can change it.
  • principiafreak300: @LauttaSam: In the level settings, there is allow highscrose submissions
  • principiafreak300: I only see.a.gray screen?
  • LauttaSam: Guys how to allow highscore sumbitting...? :D
  • LauttaSam: @Chad64: there's "you can't sumbit your score" in the descreption.
  • Chad64: My score is 360. Beat that MLG noobs.

    ..I was so excited for it to be in the leaderboard, then im like "wtf no leaderboardd"
  • LauttaSam: @Alejandro: In fact that loading have effect, that it hides the absorbing progress. I use absorbing tool to let the onewheeler and metal balls run :)
  • Alejandro: Nice idea the simulated "loading..."!
  • LauttaSam: Thanks!
  • builder123: Simple , interesting, LIKE! :) ☺
  • JOELwindows7: Nice Awesome! Super Hard game!
  • LauttaSam: Again, the top of the day :P
  • LauttaSam: @the-gamer: Ppl say it's too easy and others say it's impossible :D I can make there ability to change the difficulty. But not now. It's early beta asy you see :)
  • the-gamer: @LauttaSam: nice but impossible add time controller
  • LauttaSam: Ok I can make it harder :) But right now I haven't time for it. Thanks for liking :)
  • GlaDos: Nice
  • Chad64: Other than that, cool build!
  • Chad64: Its a bit too easy.. Mind changing something, like the force of the servo so it takes a bit longer than your movement?
  • sjoerd19992: Fun

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