I finally learnt basic lua!

nathanm - Custom level - from Android
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This is my first level which contains a working lua script.

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  • woodnut2: Thank you :D
  • nathanm: @woodnut: ok
  • woodnut2: Great teaching tool. Can you allow download?
  • nathanm: @hopyhopy1: np
  • hopyhopy1: @nathanm: thanks
  • nathanm: @hopyhopy1: I used the Principia website. To open it just create a new level, click the menu button and click the help button (can't remember what the button said though).
  • hopyhopy1: i wanna learn LUA where did you learn it?
  • nathanm: @Jaegar: OK...
  • Jaegar: Lua! ! ! ! ! ! (sorry for not saying that)
  • Jaegar: Can you teach me simply. I will make an awesome level for you!
  • JOELwindows7: Really Awesome!, congratulation, you've understand how does Lua codes.

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