Armed Robot L magentized, randomized,

Linux - Custom level - from Android
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Revision -2.5000001e-18

Restricted the movement of the gun
Improved the movement backwards
Those were the golden ages of principia!
Even pre 1.5 I used it!
OK now to destroy it but how ,
I know using demon666 code combining with random values math.huge(infinity), Leo's OK signals and a little bit of magic

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  • kaykjuegos: 😐
  • liketojump: It starts when a thing falls, which pulls a cable then it goes berserk!
  • liketojump: @that guy: I see your point lol
  • liketojump: It's raining robot parts and other electronics!
  • Linux: @that guy: revision -2.5e-17
  • Linux: @that guy: it was just a test imagine how a small robot would feel
  • that guy2: I hate to see this thing the subject of such brutality...

    Who am I kidding? I love it!

LEVEL ID: 19704