[Lua] Snake minigame [1.5]

mznznlt - Custom level - from Android
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A simple snake minigame. If you find any bugs, report them in the comments.

Update 1:
+ 3 area sizes
+ direction indicator(it highlights the arrows, but its hard to see it).

Update 2:
- removed direction indicator, it was invisible anyways
+ added pause (f button)
+ added color difference in snake where the bait was eaten.
+every 5 baits a special one appears for a limited time, it gives you two points
* border and snake colors changed
* fixed invisible tail bug
* you have to choose a direction before you start a game

Update 3:
+ added g button (disallows zoom restraints)
* Moved f button to the side

Update 4:
*updated to 1.5
-removed the choice of area size (for fairness in score)
+pressing the opposite direction than the snake is going no longer ends the game
+score now depends on difficulty

Views: 6176 Downloads: 2230 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 144

Top 10 Players

1. alx37
2. Ronnymonny
3. SandKitty25
4. Quant
5. mznznlt
6. Golden
7. frozenblaze1290
8. Thomas00m
9. 40koeaf
10. incrazyboyy

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  • alx37: @frozenblaze1290: @mznznlt: @incrazyboyy: @keeghan: @JOELwindows7: @Wkmz: @TechMan101: @40koeaf: normal level :)
  • alx37: @mznznlt: WoW good job
  • frozenblaze1290: I like it.
  • zardOz2: cool good news
  • mznznlt: Fixed the screenshot, thanks to @zardOz:
  • incrazyboyy: Yeah, highscore! :D
  • pajlada: @mznznlt: sorry, when 1.5.1 is released I can push the changes from the screenshot manager, which will make all this work cleanly.
    An option as you say would be nice though
  • zardOz2: i dont see any obvious reason why the pic wont work, your delay thing seems right... ive had issues, but only when robots are involved...
  • mznznlt: @pajlada: why cant i make the screenshot do what cam marker marks ? i need an option to disable the "run a few ticks" thing, i liked my old screenshot....
  • mznznlt: @incrazyboyy: i did the thing with score multiplier, not sure how ill go about the size modifier, but now easy=1, hard=3 points gained. the board size doesnt really affect the difficulty, just the snake lenght that can fit in there, so i dont think its worth doing different sizes of board to modify the amount of points. im thinking of just leaving a single size so its fair for everyone on the scoreboard.
  • incrazyboyy: @mznznlt: one suggestion... Make a score multiplier depending on selected difficulty and field size! For example, Easy+large=score x1 or Medium+small=score x6
  • mznznlt: @incrazyboyy: will do i hope today
  • incrazyboyy: Update it to 1.5 to use the scoreboard!
  • mznznlt: Seems like the g is working now.... that was weird.
  • keeghan: 69, the snake got really long.:)
  • mznznlt: @sdac: @pajlada: the 'G' button (it disables zoom restriction) works fine when im editing the level, but once published, it does nothing. Could you look into it?
  • JOELwindows7: Back on it! Awesome!
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: just moved f button and added the g, which allows zooming, so people with small UI can zoom out a bit :)
  • zardOz2: @mznznlt: fyi, f button is on the board with my small UI, move to the corner pls.. though the menu button also pauses:) seems more responsive to me, good update!
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: :D
  • zardOz2: Mznznlt lives!
  • mznznlt: Update :) a much needed one.
  • JOELwindows7: @mznznlt: thx for done our request.
  • mznznlt: @JOELwindows7: i did :)
  • JOELwindows7: @RasmusOlle: ok, I'm gonna tell
    @mznznlt: sir, since the player sometime had a problem with their 4G or 3G network, can you please open this level? So we can play it offline or betterize it.
  • RasmusOlle: Unlock!
  • Wkmz: 36 in 17x17 BAM
  • JOELwindows7: 40 40 hard
    71 maybe
  • mznznlt: @Demon666: that was necesary to disallow snake going backwards. Could just disable the opos direction button, maybe later
  • Demon666: Nice but there's a glitch where if you press a arrow key that's the opposite of the direction your going in you loose. This can happen easily to since you don't always know where your pressing on a touchscreen.
  • TechMan101: I got 53 points on 17x17 easy.
  • mbrine: Cool
  • Wkmz: @pajlada: Thank you, I'll try when I have some free time.
  • pajlada: @Wkmz: Thank you, can you try upgrading to (available on google play) and see if the level works properly?
  • Wkmz: @sdac: When I tried it it wasn't any update ( it was ) . And my device is a Romanian product ( allview alldro speed I ). And @mznznlt: when I press to play, I do not move the camera, even if I do, I still see only 5 metal balls
  • Golden: 148 on 40x40 on hard
  • Blood: My score is 19 points in 40x40
  • sdac: @mbrine: like I asked Wkmz, what mobile device and what Principia version?
  • mbrine: I could only see 5 metal balls and the buttons
  • Theboss13913: 15 on 17x17 until I hit the invisible tail piece
  • sdac: @Wkmz: What version of Principia (can be seen in bottom right corner of the main menu), and what mobile device?
  • TechZ2124: Awesome ! Love it dude, it's perfect
  • mznznlt: @maztom: @woodnut: @jammer312: @abrackers: @Rubicon: thanks all!!!!!
  • mznznlt: @Wkmz: i dont know why, for me its fine. metal balls were the reminder for myself where the thing is, because lua sprites only render in play mode. Try zooming, maybe for your phone sprites fail to render at that zoom.
  • Rubicon2: Excellent!
  • Wkmz: Why ?! I cannot see anything, only 5 metal balls and the buttons.
  • abrackers2: Omg awesome
  • jammer312: Good work
  • woodnut2: Good fun :) Got 22 on normal 25×25
  • mznznlt: ***Updated*** added 3 sizes of area and a direction highlighter on arrows.
  • maztom: WOW
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: lol :D i'll add that indicator, plus grid selector.
  • zardOz2: Ahh, perhaps some kind of indicator showing current direction... my brain is programed to think I have to spam the button until it moves.
  • mznznlt: @yo man: thanks :)
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: Thanks! And by pause you mean the pause between moves? button press just changes the direction of the snake, so if its 400ms until next move and you press the button, nothing will happen for next 400ms and then the snake will move in the direction you pressed. That might be the button stopping you noticed
  • yo man: Awesome!!
  • zardOz2: :O!!! Wow dude this is must see! Great job. Only problem I noticced was the pause seems to stop the button press on the easy and medium, the hard mode was very responsive.

LEVEL ID: 1972