Classic car 21 (level up!)

Sasha from Russia - Custom level - from Windows
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Model: Mersedes Benz SL

1. New level in design
2. Many lights
3. Audiosistem
4 Realistc model

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  • OLIdeluxeXD: OMFG so nice ! That Remix , that car ,everything
  • jm99: This is awesome!
  • Tesla03Coil: The flashlights are cool, it looks real, love it!
  • The Ohio One: That music is pretty damn sweet
  • Sasha from Russia: Thanks)
  • Wertyk3232: 1000000000000/1 super car!!!!
  • Chad64: omfg
    car 10/10
    controls 10/10
    rain 10/10
    headlights 10/10
  • GamingArtStudios: Nice!
  • Sasha from Russia: @GlaDos: It's my the first REMIX
  • Sasha from Russia: @GlaDos: Yes, I know, but I wanted to make background music (not best)).
  • GlaDos: Wow amazing i like so much the neon and the music can be better (maybe one of your luabox)
  • principiafreak300: Wow!!! Epic music but too much audio layers... :(
  • JOELwindows7: Alot effort come Duper Awesomeness
    Allow Derivatives
  • LauttaSam: Wow... unbelieveable.. this maybe took much time..
  • austin_knauss: Love the music! :)

LEVEL ID: 20195