WE HAVE AN ARMY! beta 0.2

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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control all robots with just one robot manager

update 0.2
- decreased chance of friendly fire

future updates
- decrease command lag
- better controls

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  • BloodStorm: Oh
  • Demon666: @BloodStorm: thats a but with principia itself. i cant fix it.
  • BloodStorm: @Demon666 if you still come on i found the bug, if they get shot and randomly, they stop aiming killing all soldiers infront of them
  • BloodStorm: I was defeated cuz once they take freindly fire they are dead. Im gonna try a non Lua version
  • that guy2: but something like that, especially with automatic jumping, would be ridiculously laggy... Eh, lag is a fact of life!
  • that guy2: But I will say that when I made my army, I tried to make each robot individually move towards a central point, so none got left behind.
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: lol, top level 2k16
  • Demon666: i already have thors hammer lmao
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: i was planing to make costumes for the adventure bot. but hulk is to big for a costume so i was gonna rig something like my controllable figure level
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: not really, you can make the hulk as big or small as you want, and just make larger robots
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: avangers level isnt a bad idea.... the hulk will be difficult to make tho (size wise)
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: i was originally gonna name the level that lmfao.
  • Ctjet: "I have an army"
    "We have a hulk"
    You should make a hulk robot and do an avengers level
  • Linux: @Johnsinna: hello
  • Johnsinna: @Demon666: @Linux: hello friends
  • Linux: @Demon666: yaehchexk out my new level
  • Demon666: @Linux: this may take more than a few mins.... lol.... feel free to play with the beta until im done with this thing(probably tomorrow or later lol)
  • Linux: @Demon666: mabey this would help with the grapling hook part not the para glide part http://principiagame.com/level/11110
  • Demon666: @Linux: coulda just asked me for a grappling hook.... the 3dmg's code will interfere with with stabilizer code.... not only that in just cause the grappling hook somehow pulls you into into the air even if your on flat ground lol... youd need to have it so that the y position increases as you reel your hook in... very weird physics.... oooo i get it... its like a plane.... in that case youd need to have it set so that the faster the x speed gets the more lift is generated.... still weird physics lol
  • Linux: @Demon666: yep with your manuver gear
  • Demon666: @Linux: watched the gameplay.... are you trying to make the robot glide?
  • Linux: @Demon666: thanks have you ever played just cause 3
  • Demon666: @Linux: this function is still in beta tho.. give me a min to finalize it...
  • Demon666: whats what happens when you have to many levels xD
  • Demon666: @Linux: found it http://principiagame.com/level/10352 lol
  • Demon666: @Linux: then it should work....problem is... i cant find the old level xD... usually when i delete a level it is cuz it was a failure(or not up to my expectations) lol.... ima look throught my phone/laptop/levels again and see if i can find it.... if not then ill try and recreate it later
  • Linux: @Demon666: what if its just for a robot by it self
  • Demon666: @Linux: ive done it b4 but moving objects with lua doesnt work to well when that object is connected to other objects. your better off using the stabilizer object
  • Linux: @Demon666: only y though to sort of paraglide
  • Linux: @Demon666: do you know a way i could make a remote stabilizer for lua linear
  • Coolblocks749: YOUR BACK! I think.
  • that guy2: I tried to do this with the robot:move(1) functions. I don't remember what happened to it, but I discontinued it.
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: 2 kinds of lag then lol
  • HEKPOH: Kamikaze army
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: but yeah nice Awesome!!
    No, not the level lag. But that control robot change cycle is lag. Of course the Robot Manager itself only allow 1 robot control per unit. So you've workaround to make it change control in a loop cycle for every ticks. Yeah as I mention, the tick accuracy is 128 Hz, so this amount is super laggy for the cycle as seen when the robot fire the gun one by one per tick
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: what do you mean friendly fire? Did you mean shooting at own comrades?
    Maybe you need to add that realizer function or prevention script.
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: oh you ment that the level itself lags.... didn't notice that on pc
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: yup that's exactly how it works... I might not be able to decrease the input lag tho. after all this was originally intended to only control a few robots at a time but I decided to do a stress test with a large number of them... there's still other problems tho like the robots not taking commands after they take damage and the friendly fire... but it is a good start lol.
  • JOELwindows7: Whoah Duper Awesome!
    But using rapid robot control change method is laggy. It need certain time to reach the robot id to other other robot id so it's inefficient. However nice proof of concept.

    The Lua script detects the surounding area for the controller and the friend robot. The lua script change the set_robot_id every tick from this robot to that robot. Since there're only one controller, every robot must be at the same state from tick to tick. If it is time to shoot, the one robot will shot then followed by another gradually syncing in aa next ticks. This is just like single core of CPU running at about 128 Hz

LEVEL ID: 20223