Transforming Hovercraft

Demon666 - Adventure level - from Android
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Just another land and air vehicle I designed.

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  • BloodStorm: A all wired and weaponised version of this would rule the air and ground of Robo Wars 3. This could just poke my HAC and it would be in flames
  • Fatmeatball: Wait, how do I get this to work?
  • itz_fabio: @Demon666: well ur one of the best builders
  • itz_fabio: @Demon666: well ur one of the best builders
  • itz_fabio: Yes,thx
  • The Ohio One: @Demon666: bulkier? You mean builder right
  • Demon666: @itz_fabio: thanks but I'm far from the best bulkier ever :]
  • itz_fabio: @Demon666: your the best thx ur awsome you're the best builder ever
  • Demon666: @itz_fabio: k
  • itz_fabio: Pleassssss put it in edit
  • itz_fabio: Pleassssss put it in edit
  • Blood: Omg im killed
  • ageev igor: O M G!!
  • Builder2000: Wow!
  • Sir Yakk: Nice build.
  • that guy2: I made something similar to this, but much simpler.
  • abrackers2: @Demon666: nice. Other suggestions is to add a gyroscope to change the angle relative to the ground, not relative to the hovercraft.
    I would also suggest adding a stabiliser
  • TheEnderPT3: Nice work. :)
  • Demon666: @etique57: I do need to make the thrusters return to 90 degrees when deploying the landing gear tho. some other time.
  • Demon666: @etique57: there's a reason pushing forward and backward moves the thrusters slightly because I've found that the hovercraft will look better/move faster in either direction when it's tilted slightly in that direction. and as for the zoom I think manual zooming is better. I never liked slider based zooming.
  • etique57: A few improvements:
    Let us zoom farther
    Pushing left and right when flying should reset the thrusters to the central position
  • Demon666: @Ronan: once you get to the hatch you make the robot switch to the first layer. then jump into the cockpit. simple.
  • Ronan: Couldn't get in
  • EdadoDuran: Good work, i really like this. Soon i want to build complex things like this :)
  • Demon666: @FarmBoy522: @there are some but they are so minor that I'm to lazy to fix them lol.
  • FarmBoy522: I love it there are no mistakes
  • Leis: I feel like I am a Captain!
  • etique57: The best smart hovercraft so far!
  • yo man: Wow.. nice!
  • jammer312: Parkour hovercraft. Can flip 3 times in air and then stabilize
  • Demon666: I think that would but I think it would be easier to operate with a hold down trigger.
  • zardOz2: Nice work on your cannon, curious if you tried to make it one shot only per touch? I had a hell of a time figuring that out.

LEVEL ID: 2045