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HerokidsRS - Adventure level - from Android
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New level,after..2 month i think
But its still in progress, i will allow derivative
cause you guys might even smarter and creative-r than me
Thx to thatguy for music and portal gun ^_^

Views: 879 Downloads: 283 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 227

Top 10 Players

1. that guy2
2. HerokidsRS
4. GlaDos
5. Mr_NXT
6. Linux
7. Golden
8. Qwert1224
9. nathanm


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  • HerokidsRS: @that guy: Do I really need to put anti cheat system?
  • HerokidsRS: Fastest ever XD
  • that guy2: Haha, having a bad time with portals.
  • HerokidsRS: @that guy
  • HerokidsRS: @that guy: I just noticed that at night...nearly sleep and I thought of it..sorry Xd
  • Ctjet: Needs to maintain velocity XD
  • that guy2: plus a 1.0 jumper in rc in23. ugh!
  • that guy2: ARGH! you also need a 0.5 jumper in in0 of the if-select with the sine wave, and in9 of the rc.
    When you use the one tap multiselect, jumpers aren't recognized for some reason. using the box multiselect, however, is fine.
  • that guy2: OH DURR. There's supposed to be a 0.5 jumper in in11 of the rc monstro. It's too trivial to get a whole derivative.
  • that guy2: My username has a space.

    Also, for some reason the adventure bot cancels out the horizontal velocity settings. Only the adventure bot does this, though, so I sometimes use a robot manager targeting a regular robot on a command pad to make it faster.
  • HerokidsRS: @thatguy

LEVEL ID: 20741