Bored™ 5

Galvatron66 - Custom level - from Android
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The Bored™ dummy is back!

Views: 900 Downloads: 300 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 325

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  • Chad64: oh fwok
  • Galvatron66: @BobMonkeypimp: thx
  • Rzaew: @Galvatron66: Oh i remember it i even liked it :P
  • BobMonkeypimp: Brutal
  • Galvatron66: @Rzaew: level : 17727
  • Galvatron66: @Rzaew: yes
  • Rzaew: @Galvatron66: Is it in your profile?
  • Galvatron66: @Rzaew: keep searching
  • Rzaew: @Galvatron66: where? I can't find it in your profile
  • Galvatron66: @Rzaew: there is Boredâ„¢ 4
  • JOELwindows7: One more guro that skips No. 4
  • Rzaew: But hey, there is no Boredâ„¢ 4?
  • Rzaew: Finally! I love this series!

LEVEL ID: 20955