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How do I stop the sincos from sending a signal to the right without giving other inputs to the stick? Its really annoying, can anyone help?

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  • pajlada: I posted a secondary solution, which outputs no junk values.
    The reason the sincos outputs 1.0 to the right output is because in its idle state, it acts as if it received the value 0, which after using sincos on 0, translates to outputting 1.0 to the right output.
  • zardOz2: Nevermind, it just failed for me, the sincos is remembering values... that's a bug for sure.
  • zardOz2: @BoomShizzle: you are mistaken, It is being used in an unusual way with the feedback, without the feedback it will work more like your brain is expecting. Any signal of 1 or 0 will produce a right grapher result.
  • BoomShizzle: Lol, sounds better in my head, sorry for the confusion. Thanks zardOZ for figuring it out and showing me. Although I think the sincos IS a little buggy even with one connection going to the in0 it will always send a signal to the right even with a button wigit to turn it on and off. Basically the right input doesn't act like the rest of the inputs.
  • zardOz2: Sorry had that backwards, If gate reports 0.0 when not touching the dial, all the way right. Just put a jumper on the If gate in1 or remove it entirely.
  • zardOz2: Damn this is confusing, im probably wrong
  • zardOz2: this is just a very weird setup I think with the if gate and feedback... I actually think its working perfectly. Currently it reports 1.0 when not touching the dial. Because thats what its being told to do by the second out. 1.0 report when not touching dial comes in at all the way right full...
  • mznznlt: Actually i did understood it right. Because even if you disconnect the input, it still treats as if there were 0 to in0 an shows to the right.
  • mznznlt: Nevermind,misunderstood sth.
  • mznznlt: I think he wants, if hes not sending any valus to sincos, have all four outs sending 0. And i believe its a bug that it sends 1 to the right
  • zardOz2: I need more info, do you want the right shut down to 0 if any of the other 3 are active? What exactly do you need?

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