Demon666 - Adventure level - from Windows
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super fast, super stable.Designed to move
make hairpin turns at principiashighest speed.
can even outrun missiles

update 0.2
- prevent gun from getting jammed by landing gear
- fix stuck upsidedown when returning from plane mode to hover mode
- Autopilot(holds current control input)
- more power to the thrusters

- hover mode
- plane mode

Hover mode flight controls:
WASD: up/left/down/right(PC)
Horizonal slider: left/right
Vertical slider: up/down
J: toggle modes
K: toggle autopilot(pessing any of the flight controls will disable autopilot)

Plane mode flight controls:
W: rear thrusters(PC)
AD:rotate up/down(PC)
Horizonal slider: (slide right)rear thrusters
Vertical slider: rotate up/down
J: toggle modes(hover/plane)
K: toggle autopilot (pessing any of the flight controls(NOT G,F or H) will disable autopilot)

Weapon Controls:
F: guns
G: missiles
H: missile barrage

future updates:
- better missile launch

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  • BloodStorm: how do the missiles and aiming work? they are very impressive
  • brigamer582: When i try to get in it just kills me😢
  • Demon666: @brigamer582: what wont work?
  • brigamer582: wont work help
  • Chad64: btw you should go help the military
  • Chad64: how do you make sprite sheets?
  • Chad64: omfg dat explosions tho
  • Demon666: @IsaacTesla: oh... its a fighter jet.... your better off asking someone like techz if you want an accurate remake of something lol
  • Demon666: @IsaacTesla: no idea who that is
  • IsaacTesla: @Demon666:
  • IsaacTesla: Can you make tribute to Jiro Horikoshi who makes A5M Zero? i really a big fan of him
  • Johnsinna: @Demon666: I edited it and put lots'o magnets
  • The Ohio One: @Demon666: why? I find it cool that when part of the VTOL gets hit by a missile and falls off, I can either try and fix it or remove parts to make it sorta stable again
  • Demon666: @Golden: @Johnsinna: huh?lol
  • Johnsinna: @Demon666: dont put much magnets on though.
  • Johnsinna: @Demon666: I know this will be good
  • Golden: @Demon666: you have been brainfarted
  • Demon666: @The Ohio One: ooooooo... right..... I guess I should add an auto protect.... to everything lmao
  • The Ohio One: @Demon666: no, I didn't download it, I just use the tools the robot has
  • Golden: @austin_knauss: I know what you mean about Cralant
  • Golden: @austin_knauss: .. Show me what level are you trying to edit
  • austin_knauss: @Golden: I don't think you know what I mean, the player that posted the level is no longer active.
  • austin_knauss: @Demon666: Or they just forgot to hit the button.
  • Demon666: @austin_knauss: good point but its not my place to help you download other peoples levels... after all if they disabled derivatives on them it must have been for a reason.
  • Golden: They are just checking on Principia...
  • Golden: @austin_knauss: but authors are active...
  • Golden: @austin_knauss: sorry, cannot, that's against the rules
  • austin_knauss: @Demon666: Could you teach me how to get derivatives on things? I see much cool stuff, but the authors are no longer active, so I can't access them.
  • Demon666: @The Ohio One: more and more people are finding out how to download levels without derivatives lol... I used to be the only one that knew how lol.
  • The Ohio One: @Demon666: yeah, it does seem a little worse when I disconnect the stabilizer
  • Demon666: @The Ohio One: cuz it has almost no angular stabilization and no linear stabilization at all lol.
  • The Ohio One: Other than that, spot on man, favorite so far
  • The Ohio One: Omg dude, this is incredible, so good. But it does have a bit of a rocking back and forth sometimes.
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: lol maybe i am.... cough....world domination....cough....
  • BobMonkeypimp: Looks like you're building an entire air force :)
  • Aceheliflyer: @Demon666: Also makes sence.
  • Demon666: @Aceheliflyer: same thing happens with my other heli's i noticed when i hover in place i get much less lag
  • Demon666: @Aceheliflyer: its because your in a vehicle moving at high speed
  • Aceheliflyer: @Demon666: I get a lot of lag from this for some reason just by flying. Somewhere around 10fps for some reason. (I usually don't lag.)
  • Demon666: @Golden: @Aceheliflyer: yeah thats the cause... you must have just blew up the car or some other large object
  • Aceheliflyer: @Golden: Makes sence.
  • Golden: @Aceheliflyer: when that shows up, lua just reset and starts over, idk if I'm correct
  • Golden: @Aceheliflyer: but it's normal
  • Golden: @Aceheliflyer: its because lua is lagging
  • Aceheliflyer: Reminds me or the Harrier.
  • Aceheliflyer: Getting an error, not sure if you know or not.

    LuaScript with id 3237 compile error:
    Error calling step: Script halted! Time limit reached on step.
  • Demon666: @Golden: oh... i had no room for wheels lol
  • Golden: @Demon666: whatever xD I consider all planes do have wheels, but not heli
  • Demon666: @Golden: wheel?
  • Golden: Wow and 1 question, where's the fucking wheel
    BTW nice sexiest place ye got der

LEVEL ID: 21162