Panzerkampfwagen II (Rev)

Anubis - Custom level - from Android
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  • GlaDos: @Anubis: and you? Where are you from?
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: yup, I learn new things everyday
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: now you know something new
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: yes
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: so your Spanish?
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: ohh, I didn't know
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: in Spanish is URSS (Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Sovieticas)
    But is the same
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: it's U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). I'm still thinking what to make though..
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: what tank of the U.R.S.S. you want to make
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: np
  • GlaDos: O thanks, much better
  • Anubis: @GlaDos

LEVEL ID: 21297