Tetsu - Custom level - from Android
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  • Zrandolp: But how? It's so lame just kidding it's so cool!!!!!
  • Chad64: How u even do dat leg motion??
  • yong: @Tetsu: copied. thx bro
  • Tetsu: @yong: I know.
    This wheel is a bit bouncy, ok?
  • Tetsu: Thanks!
  • yong: btw, may I borrow that wheel for a motoGP level?
  • yong: cool! but I must say that the helmet and tires doesn't suit a bike. You know...
  • Leis: Your build is art !
  • Leis: Your build is art !
  • yo man: As usual.. awesome build. A couple ramps or obstacles would be cool.

LEVEL ID: 2130