KV 2 (U.S.S.R Heavy tank)

Anubis - Custom level - from Android
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This is an almost replica of KV - 2 Heavy Tank(Not really a replica xD).

As you can see there are observation device's on the Hull of the Tank and on the Turret. There is a 155mm Cannon and a Machine gun at the rear of the turret.

This is for the "U.S.S.R. Tank contest"

Derivatives allowed..

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  • Anubis: @PanzerEgorence: Derivatives allowed.
  • PanzerEgorence: *ussr earrape because KV-2 is unbeatable in WoT and WT*
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: I'm just surprised just how short it would come out
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: it's wht it looks like in the actual photo
  • GlaDos: Well the hull is a bit short so I can give you an 8 and the front of the turret isn't curved
  • Anubis: @GlaDos:

LEVEL ID: 21371