pupsik_evil - Custom level - from Windows
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танк создавался от балды, хотя в нем мои новые наработки, которые раньше я не использовал. прототип на скорую руку, так скажем. если не жалко поставьте лайк.

tank created nekhuya, although it my new insights that I never used. the prototype in haste, so to speak. if you do not mind like.

google-translator (((9(

z - go
f - reverse
h - brake
g - suspension management
(f - rear rollers
d - front rollers
z - rigidity)
j - shot
x - pointing

ну крч, З это ехать вперед
Ф - задний ход
Х - тормоза
Г - врубить управление подвеской:
( Ф - задние катки поджать
Д - передние катки поджать
З - управление жесткостью)
ДЖЭ - выстрелить
ИКС - наводить орудие

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  • pupsik_evil: @that guy: I did ring in its center placed the wheel and began to press the "N" and change the wheel size
  • that guy2: @Golden: @Colossus: My best guess is that they're both connected to an object that glitched out in the editor, but stayed connected somehow.
  • Golden: Nvm it didn't work...
  • Golden: Nvm it didn't work...
  • Golden: I know what you did there xD
  • Golden: ...
  • Golden: Wait
  • Golden: @Colossus: that was my thought but I took closer look, it's not
  • Colossus: @Golden: @that guy: shape extruders... maybe?
  • that guy2: Those wheels. What even.
  • Golden: I would like to know how did you make circle wheel...

LEVEL ID: 21499