Boss Battle beta 2.0

HerokidsRS - Adventure level - from Android
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New level.Btw, its not THAT hard righto?
^_^ Im not stupid. Just newbie ^_^

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  • Golden: Still did it in 1 second -_-
  • Golden: Did it in 1 second, 360 no scope xD
  • lliill: Ok kind of cool
  • HerokidsRS: @lliill: .
  • lliill: Stupid
  • lliill: 3'seconds only have to.jump.once.and you win
  • that guy2: Bascially, what I'm saying is that too many things are one-hit kills, which are only acceptable if they're easy to dodge.
  • that guy2: Put a ceiling before the inverter on the health, (doing so will make it put[ut only when health is exactly 0, rather than less than 0.5)
    and the timer will resultingly be unnecessary, (it made the health look weird.)
    Also, you should move the purple comfiguration handle on the motors to match the weapons (and not have them weirdly offset)
    Preferably give each motor its own object finder placed as close to it as possible, (optional, but makes them much more accurate.)
    Set the max value of the condenser to MUCHMUCH higher,
    And preferably ditch the robots. (The railgun ones kill you too quickly, and the other ones are too vulnerable to the boss's attacks.)
  • HerokidsRS: @that guy: basicly i just know it as HP meter, thx to ZardOz.
  • HerokidsRS: @that guy: not really
  • that guy2: @HerokidsRS: do you know how to use a condenser?
  • HerokidsRS: @that guy: thats why I call it beta.... can you help me?
  • that guy2: It shouldn't be over in 2 seconds.

LEVEL ID: 21566