Iron Processor (V 1.1)

Anubis - Custom level - from Android
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The Iron Processor.
Your Job is to make Item's as many as you want.
To Start Production, Press the Button on the left part of the screen.

Truck Help (Control's):
A - Reverse
D - Forward
Z - Truck Bucket
F - Truck Bucket Door
G - Hand Brake

V 1.0
Has the basic Production parts.

V 1.1
Added The Transport Vehicle.
Added Score's.

*Future Updates*

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  • Banget: @Anubis: liked a level to comments. Go to a .
  • Banget: Not finished a level.
  • Anubis: @Banget: I'd like to hear your recommendations please
  • Anubis: @Banget: it's not finished yet
  • Banget: Like a to iron processor no crashing!
  • LuckyChicken: 365 !
  • Anubis: @x32g: hini, thnx ^^
  • x32g: 603! Most factory games I don't really likr, but this one had me hooked! Good job on the truck!
  • Anubis: @BobMonkeypimp: thnx ^.^; I realy like your car assembly line.. I'll add the magic FX on next update.
  • BobMonkeypimp: Very good! For your welder you can use an FX emitter with the magic effect to look like sparks. Take a look at my car assembly line if you like.

    Either way, I could like this 10 times over. Factories are one of my favourite things on Principia.
  • Linux: @Anubis: good job
  • JOELwindows7: Really Duper Awesome!, another manufacturing!
  • Anubis: @Johnsinna: thnx ^_^;
  • Johnsinna: @Anubis: cool
  • Anubis: @cswong235: is it glowing? Debugger..
  • cswong235: Packaging
  • Anubis: @cswong235: You mean... Past the Welder? Or Packaging?
  • cswong235: @Anubis: ooookkkaaayyyy but they're not shiny
  • Anubis: @cswong235: you can find them at "Game" - "Item"
  • Anubis: @cswong235: those are Robot Feet.
  • cswong235: What are those shiny boxes after the Packaging? Never seen them before
  • Anubis: @Johnsinna:
    @GlaDos: @JOELwindows7: @LauttaSam: @Golden: @Linux:

LEVEL ID: 21591