principiafreak300 - Custom level - from Android
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Just wanted to test the program, edited the high you gain with one jump, and now...

Here's my entry for the contest !
Jump as high as possible and get the best score !

V1.1 = Added RC buttons to play on PC. Thanks ZardOz for the tip !


â–¡1â–¡=zardOz : 3362
â–¡2â–¡=keeghan : 2283
â–¡3â–¡=greenaman3000 : 1973
â–¡4â–¡=golden : 1894
â–¡5â–¡=imAman : 1783

Enjoy !

Views: 696 Downloads: 188 Unique objects: 22 Total objects: 282


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  • JaredmosesGuantia: Infinity + Infinity = Infinity
  • principiafreak300: @BobMonkeypimp: :D
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Chad64: @principiafreak300: @Golden: Vsauce just had a video on counting past infinity. My brain melted :(
  • Golden: @principiafreak300: I did that on my calculator, it exploded
  • principiafreak300: @Golden: @Chad64: Or like this: x = infinite
    for i=1,x do
  • Golden: @Chad64: or GODDESS OF INFINITY
  • Chad64: @Golden: or infinity raised to the POWER OF INFINITY
  • Golden: @Chad64: or infinity*infinity?
  • Chad64: @Golden: i just had a question after that. What's infinity+infinity?
  • Golden: @Chad64: I beat your score by infinity
  • Chad64: I beat zardOz' 3362 with a high score of 51843942545584685!!! I'm the new top score!!

LEVEL ID: 21726