Laser Tank 『Lua』(WIP)

Anubis - Custom level - from Android
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A Work in Progress... More updates to come(Hopefully)...
Help control's:
Z - Slider Forward/Reverse
X - 220mm Laser Cannon
C - 150mm Laser Cannon
H - Fire 150mm Laser Cannon
F - Fire 220mm Laser Cannon
G - Hand brakes


Chad64's Laser Lua(220mm Laser Cannon)
The other I forgot the name.. Hehe..

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  • Anubis: @GlaDos: yup..
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: have you got an account in Europe now?
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: dang... I registered an account @ Europe IGN Gen_Anubis its just new so... Yeah it's new... xD
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: Europe, bad luck for us
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: what server are you registered ? Is it European.. Coz Im at Asian...
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: ok thnx
  • GlaDos: @Anubis: I play to Blitz, WoT Blitz. User name: Batamanta
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: wait... How'd you know if it's and ST I or M103? Do you play WoT, or WoT BlitZ? If you are can I have your IGN...
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: while I'm at it, I'm gonna add terrain as well...
  • GlaDos: Much better
  • Anubis: @GlaDos: ok, I'll fix brakes system, it is an M103
  • GlaDos: BTW, is like a M103 or a ST-I
  • GlaDos: Use Suction Caps for the brakes, are better than the rubber beam

LEVEL ID: 21845